Coronavirus has shutdown work

It has just come to my noticed that are dealership has shut down due to the Coronavirus,,are dealership was hoping to stay open with a skeleton crew of technicians to help out are customer,,,,but with the pressure of the government and for the well being of his employees,,,,we have shut the doors,,,I will still try and answer some questions for you,,,I just don’t have access to BMW information or wiring diagrams at this time,,,I hope everyone is safe and healthy.

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My little helper died

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Diesel EGR cooler recall

Here I have the EGR cooler removed for replacement for the EGR cooler recall,,,what happens is that we inspect the inside of the cooler with a borescope and if we see the cooling fin melted or clogged then we perform the recall,,,the recall includes new EGR cooler and new intake manifold.Here the new intake manifold you can noticed the 2 chamber intake rail system,,,the secondary intake flap opens for more power Here you can see the intake side of the cylinder head.Here the throttle body you can see all the black oily soot from the diesel inside the throttle housing. the whole job isn’t to bad,,,the intake manifold just slides out and so does the EGR cooler,,,,the whole job takes about 4hr.

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Burnt valve

ok I just love stuff like this,,,,this X5 with a N55 engine has been already at 3 different dealers for misfire on cylinder 1,,,,each dealer would replace ignition coils,,,spark plugs or fuel injector and they would ship the car saying it was fixed,,,,so my dealer gives me the car and tells me to find out what the problem is,,,,I knew 3 different set of spark plugs and ignition coils and injector did not fix the problem,,,,so I decided to check compression test,,,found 80lbs on cylinder 1,,,performed cylinder leakage test we had 80 percent leakage on cylinder 1,,,,I checked the intake no air leakage,,,checked the exhaust and found air coming out,,,ok now we know we have a problem internally with the engine,,,I installed a borescope to check out the valves but was unable to see anything,,,,so I had to remove the cylinder head and this is what I found,,,problem found,,,,happy customer

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F10 IVM modification

Ok this is a picture of a IVM on a F10,,,,the IVM supplies power to the DME for the injectors and ignition coils,,,now by chance you might have short circuit one of the ignition coils or power to a injector the IVM might be your problem.will this is a little trick,,,you can cut the top off and you can see regular fuses inside,,,,just replace the blown fuse and you are ready to go again,,,instead of buying a whole new IVM.

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Homemade tool

nothing like having a old BMW tech work on a old E36 M3 that needs a new clutch,,,,,old tech has to use his homemade clutch alignment tool that I have been using for years,,,,it still works,,,,lol

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BMW spinner

BMW new spinner wheels on the new 850

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