E38 with S62 engine

 Yes your eye sight is ok,,,,this is a E38 with a S62 engine installed,,,this engine swap looks factory from top and bottom also the 6 speed trans is installed. I was called in on this car,,,,the customer is having a hard time with California smog laws,,,,the smog referee is asking for a lot of info on the engine swap,,,the engine and trans swap was performed somewhere in Florida,,,,the person who performed the engine swap also burned in the VIN number into the S62 DME ,,,,usually when someone performs a engine swap the DME has the old cars VIN number still in the DME ,,,,the front suspension was updated and modified with stronger sway bar to support the extra weight.

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ZF 8 speed transmission

    Here are some picture of a transmission leak on a ZF 8 speed which is very rare,,,,we don’t see this to offen anymore not like the older transmission where the mechtronic sleeve would leak all the time. So what I had to do was clean the transmission pan and then we spray it with this leak detector spray,,,,you see all that white stuff is the leak detector,,,,then I ran the engine for about 30 minute and this is what I found,,,you can see where the leak is coming from,,,pretty cool stuff make my job easier.

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B48 starter motor

 Here the location of the starter motor on the new B48 engine,,,,,this is as easy as it comes,,,,this is located at the very bottom of the engine,,,,all you have is 3 bolts holding in place and only 2 cables to remove from the starter,,,,just disconnect the battery please,,,,on PHEV please disconnect the special battery for the starter motor only which should be located inside the engine compartment  inside a covered box. This is the flywheel after the starter is removed,,,,now you can check the flywheel teeth are ok,,,,the problem is turning the flywheel to check all the teeth,,,,on the B48 its not easy to get to the front pulley to turn the motor.

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F15 X5 PHEV electric auxiliary heater

 Ok here’s the first for me,,,check engine light on a 2016 F15 X5 PHEV,,,,the fault was electric auxiliary heater internal fault detected,,,performed the normal test operation. This is a pretty basic unit you have water in and water out,,,,you have a temperature sensor and a high voltage connection. After I decided to replace the electric auxiliary heater unit I had to find out where it is on the car,,,,found the unit under the car under the drivers side seat area,,,,removed the fiber board lower cover and found the unit,,,,but first you have to shut off the high voltage,,,this was a easy replacement disconnect coolant hose and 2 connections,,,,,add coolant bleed the system took some time.

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Tow hook

 Ok here the tow hook we modify so we can use it for the engine hook,,,,you grind down the lip so it can screw all the way in to the cylinder head next to the oil filter housing on the 6 cylinder engines

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G01 X3 fuel routing bulletin

 This is a new bulletin for the new G01 X3 bulletin 13 01 18,,,,we have to check the fuel line routing this is the correct routing,,,,the braided hose is the fuel hose

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E90 pcv valve heater recall

 Ok I know this recall has been out for awhile, the PCV valve heater recall well the dealer are just starting to get the new updated parts finally,,,,the PCV valve here pictured sit right in the middle of the intake manifold on the  inside next to the engine block,,,you have to remove the air filter box the drive belt and the alternator,,,,so you can reach around and remove the torque screws. Here is the new updated PCV heater valve , there is no visible different with the old and new,,,interesting thing BMW doesn’t want us to put any grease or spray on the o-ring seal when installing the new part due to the heat of the PCV valve heater.

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