N20 and N26 timing chain parts list

 Ok some of you have been asking about what parts are needed to replace the timing chain and oil pump chain list,,,,here is a parts list for the N20 and N26 engine,,,you still might need some more parts like valve cover gasket and oil pan gasket.,,,I hope this helps

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M6 DME tuner

  What a stupid picture the right side DME on a M6. Another stupid picture,,,this time the left side DME on a M6,,,,you notice anything different on both DME unit,,,do you see the black rubber plug on both DME ,,,,,this is how the tuners are able to modify the DME ,,,,on the M6 they are unable to change the software without getting inside the DME ,,,so what the tuners do is drill a hole into the DME so they can push open the DME ,,,,once they are inside then they can change the computer chips,,,,,that’s all we know BMW won’t tell us anymore then what the tuners are doing to the DME units.

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F23 2 series convertible service action

 There a new service action on the F23 convertible top,,,,there a problem with the headliner,,,,the string might have to be updated if there is no damage to the headliner. So here the passengers side headliner is damaged at the c pillar,,,,you can see a hole in the headliner,,,,the drivers side was ok. Here my supper clean hands,,,,lol,,,,I know I don’t wear gloves,,,,I started this career before there were gloves,,,,the reason the headliner got damaged is the strings that hold the headliner in place are too tight,,,,they are so tight I can barely get my dirty finger in there to pull back the headliner,,,,,,you know what I will be doing tomorrow at work,,,,,putting in a new headliner for someone and re-string it.

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G12 service action updates

 I know just a another stupid t-stat,,,,but this is special,,,,it’s for the new service action on a new G12 750,,,,there are 4 new service actions at the same time. Here are the new exhaust turbo coolant hoses that will be replaced. Here are both the turbo wastegate that will be replaced,,,,,and programming the vehicle with a new software update for the new waste gates,,,,,,and the 4 th thing is a updated oil service depending on mileage. Here the t-stat which we gain access from underneath the car. Here you can see the new turbo coolant hoses are replaced with numbers on them so you can tell which hose is leaking,,,,next to them is one of the turbo waste gates. Here the over head shot of the new G12 engine lay out,,,,a better look at the turbo coolant hoses and oth turbo waste gates. Here’s good news for some of you guys,,,,BMW changed the bad design on some of the hoses,,,,the installed metal clips you lift up,,,,you can see it on the vent valve and the turbo charge pipe,,,,so no more plastic clips that always break.

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I8 valvetronic motor

   Ok here’s the battery tray for a I8,,,,,pretty easy goes down  the center of the car right where the driveshaft would be on a normal car. Here you can see the tunnel under the car where the battery tray box goes.  We had to drop the battery box tray and the engine because of a check engine light on,,,the fault was valvetronic motor faulty,,,,the only way to get to it was to remove the battery box tray and engine.  Once the engine was down now we had to loose and pull back the intake manifold. Now you can see the valvetronic motor coming out the side of the cylinder head.

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N63 rear crank seal and rear coolant cover plate

 So I started this job and forgot to take pictures before I started,,,this is a N63  the rear seal and rear coolant plate have already been removed,,,,we have found out the rear crank seal and rear coolant cover start to leak,,,,so BMW has us replace both at the same time.  Here is the old and new coolant cover side by side,,,,the new one is nice and shiny billet aluminum piece,,,,you can also noticed the seal on the coolant plate is different. Here the other side of the coolant plate cover,,,,what a nice piece look like it made to fit a hot rod,,,,I think this is the first time for a billet piece of aluminum on a BMW ,,,,,,lol. Here the new coolant plate cover is replaced and the rear crank seal is being replaced,,,you might notice the plastic cap over the rear crank seal,,,that plastic cap comes with the new seal,,,,this plastic cap helps you install the rear seal so you don’t damage the seal during replacement.

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F30 flex disc recall

 Ok I know it’s been awhile since I posted something,,,just had some family stuff to take care of,,,and now I have some health issues to take care of,,,so be patient everything should be back to normal soon,,,,this is a picture of flex disc at transmission on a F30,,,,some of you guys might have a recall about this flex disc,,,,I guess this metal flex disc cracks and comes apart,,,,I haven’t seen that yet,,,,if I do I will post pictures. This is the new flex disc,,,we have gone back to the old reliable rubber flex disc,,,,old school. Ok this is for anyone replacing a flex disc,,,these marks on the side of the flex disc look like little arrows,,,,the arrow has to point toward the transmission flange or the driveshaft flange,,,if you don’t the flex disc will get damaged. Here’s the new one installed.



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