F15 X5 headlight

 I know you guys were wondering what happened to me,,,I haven’t posted anything for awhile,,,,I had to take my required vacation for 2 weeks or I would lose them,,,,so I’m back to work again,,,,here my new project customer said headlight malfunction light came on,,,,fault was corner light emergency reset?,,,,so I performed a AHL test and found the drivers headlight was moving stiffly,,,,so I removed the drivers headlight and used blue tape to save the paint. So here I the rear cover removed,,,this is the cover you would remove to replace the xenon bulb,,,,the reason I removed it so you can see the servomotor that moved the headlight. Here’s a closer picture,,,,this servomotor moves the headlight side by side and up and down,,,,the motor moves pretty fast,,,so when the headlight moves stiffly this is the problem,,,,on some headlight you can just replace this servomotor,,,,when replacing the headlight you must swap over the bulbs and modules.

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N55 intake camshaft bearings

 Oh no another intake camshaft bearing damaged,,,,this job all started with a check engine light on a N55 and faults eccentric motor ,,,after replacement we had more problems and new faults,,,we had intake camshaft and turbo boost issue,,,,the car ran just fine no limp mode and plenty of turbo boost. So we tore the valve cover off again and rechecked everything,,,checked the timing was perfect,,,,so we decided to take off the intake camshaft bearings and this is what we found was bearing caps damaged causing the intake camshaft to bind.

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F30 airbag new design

 Here we go again another stupid picture from a BMW tech,,,,,I know this is what it looks like behind the airbag on the steering wheel on a F30,,,,well here’s the stupid part,,,,BMW has decided to change the way the airbag come off on this model. Here you can see a 20 torq  driver  sticking though the hole behind the steering wheel,,,,you take the 20 torq driver and push up until you hit that stop,,,,once you hit that stop you have to feel for a spring clip that goes behind that stop the 20 torq is touching. This is the metal spring clip that you have to push away,,,,this clip spring is on the airbag on both sides,,,,you have to push the spring clip towards the center of the steering wheel,,,,this spring clip has a lot of pressure ,,,,I mean a lot I’m not kidding,,,you feel like your 20 torq driver is getting ready to break,,,,this is a bad design.

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E93 convertible top

 This is not good,,,,this is what happens when your passenger puts his arm up to stop the closing of the convertible top,,,,now the top was jammed unable to operate the top. You can see the locking pin for the roof panel is not aligned and sitting on top of the panel ,,,,also both front windshield cowling  locks were in the lock position. So I had to manuel operate the convertible top until the locking pin would retract.,,,,once I got everything back into position i was able to operate the top again,,,,this is the damage that locking pin did to the roof paint and top seal.

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E93 bad day

 You know your having a bad day when your driving and you accicently run over something,,,,then your TPM sensor comes on and tells you have a flat tire,,,,and you know it was because of what you just ran over,,,,,so you think ok just a new tire,,,,,that would be the good thing in this case,,,,sorry but you need a new rim. And a new front subframe,,,,as you can see she hit the right side lower subframe and bent it,,,,,,there was also a crack in the subframe but I couldn’t get a good enough pic. Heres the shiny new front subframe,,,these are one of the easiest subframes to replace,,,,so this customers bad day just got worse,,,,tire and rim,,,front subframe some under panels and alignment and she was already to go.,,,,so next time you get a flat tire,,,,just hope this doesn’t happen to you.

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M6 steering wheel vibrator generator

 Ok not another stupid airbag,,,,lol,,,,I already removed the airbag on this M6 steering wheel,,,,customer said while driving for no reason the steering wheel would start to shake and vibrate for no reason,,,,,I asked if he was changing lanes and the lane depart was activated,,,,he said he as driving straight and yes the lane depart was activated,,,,so I test drove the vehicle and notice while driving on uneven road the steering wheel would start to vibrate for no reason. So I removed the steering wheel and removed the covers,,,,you see that gold metal looking piece in the middle of the picture,,,,that is the steering wheel vibrator generator.,,,,the gold metal piece starts spinning in a circle causing a vibration felt in the steering wheel. We found out that some of the steering wheel vibrator generator were defects and would start shaking during uneven roads causing the steering wheel to shake.

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F10 active hybrid a/c compressor

 This is boring but I thought someone would like to see this,,,this is the high voltage a/c compressor for a F10 active hybrid.,,,heres something interesting about this compressor,,,,,it can cause a check engine light like this one did,,,,the check engine light came on because the a/c compressor was causing problems with the high voltage system,,,when replacing the compressor you have to shut down the high voltage system,,,,,this compressor sits in the same place as the regular a/c compressor this one just doesn’t have a pulley or a clutch.

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