Door handle light

 I hope everyone had a great holiday and  New Years,,,,here is the door handle light with the door handle part removed,,,,the light slides into the door handle. Here the new door handle light,,,notice the wire pig tail,,,,you will have to remove the door panel to release this connection and make sure you snap it into the holder,,,,if you don’t route the wiring correctly you will cut them from the window glass.

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N20 timing chain rail coming apart

 Here’s a hot topic with a lot of BMW owners,,,,this car came in with check engine light on and engine whine and rattle noise,,,,check engine light was low oil pressure and jammed oil pressure ,,,,,I noticed the timing chain whine but the engine was also rattling,,,,I removed the valve cover to inspect the timing chain,,,,you can see the chain rail missing and jammed under the vanos unit. So I removed the oil pan to see what’s going on inside and this is what I found at the bottom of the oil pan,,,,there was so much plastic from the timing chain rail,,,there was also a broken bolt and metal shavings in the pan. There was so much plastic in the oil pan that the oil pump was sucking up pieces of plastic causing a oil pressure issue and causing more damage.

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Front struts Z4

 Here was my project today,,,Z4 front strut leaking,,,,we don’t see this to many times,,,,it was a rare one both front struts leaking at 63k,,,,,these EDC struts are not cheap over $1000 each. When replacing the front strut it’s a whole lot easier to remove the brake caliper and brake rotor then disconnect the steering arm and thrust arm,,,,,leave the lower arm on,,,,once you have it removed then you can easily remove the steering knuckle,,,,then you can compress the spring and then replace the strut,,,,no programming needed for the EDC struts.

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M5 clutch issue

 What a beautiful pressure plate on a M5,,,,well what left of it,,,,if you look close enough you will see me of the big metal rivets are missing on the pressure plate fingers,,,,also missing is a metal ring which gets locked down on the metal rivets. Well look what we found inside the transmission bell housing,,,,we found the metal ring and all the broken metal rivets from the pressure plate,,,,if you look at the transmission bell housing you will see some of the metal webbing broken off from all the metal bouncing around inside the bell housing,,,what we found out this was a new clutch and pressure plate was installed from a independent BMW repair shop,,,the customer complained that the new clutch was slipping,,,well the repair shop didn’t perform clutch teach-in procedure on the new clutch,,,,which caused all this damage,,,,the clutch was slipping this whole time and over heated and finally failed.

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F15 X5 headlight

 I know you guys were wondering what happened to me,,,I haven’t posted anything for awhile,,,,I had to take my required vacation for 2 weeks or I would lose them,,,,so I’m back to work again,,,,here my new project customer said headlight malfunction light came on,,,,fault was corner light emergency reset?,,,,so I performed a AHL test and found the drivers headlight was moving stiffly,,,,so I removed the drivers headlight and used blue tape to save the paint. So here I the rear cover removed,,,this is the cover you would remove to replace the xenon bulb,,,,the reason I removed it so you can see the servomotor that moved the headlight. Here’s a closer picture,,,,this servomotor moves the headlight side by side and up and down,,,,the motor moves pretty fast,,,so when the headlight moves stiffly this is the problem,,,,on some headlight you can just replace this servomotor,,,,when replacing the headlight you must swap over the bulbs and modules.

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N55 intake camshaft bearings

 Oh no another intake camshaft bearing damaged,,,,this job all started with a check engine light on a N55 and faults eccentric motor ,,,after replacement we had more problems and new faults,,,we had intake camshaft and turbo boost issue,,,,the car ran just fine no limp mode and plenty of turbo boost. So we tore the valve cover off again and rechecked everything,,,checked the timing was perfect,,,,so we decided to take off the intake camshaft bearings and this is what we found was bearing caps damaged causing the intake camshaft to bind.

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F30 airbag new design

 Here we go again another stupid picture from a BMW tech,,,,,I know this is what it looks like behind the airbag on the steering wheel on a F30,,,,well here’s the stupid part,,,,BMW has decided to change the way the airbag come off on this model. Here you can see a 20 torq  driver  sticking though the hole behind the steering wheel,,,,you take the 20 torq driver and push up until you hit that stop,,,,once you hit that stop you have to feel for a spring clip that goes behind that stop the 20 torq is touching. This is the metal spring clip that you have to push away,,,,this clip spring is on the airbag on both sides,,,,you have to push the spring clip towards the center of the steering wheel,,,,this spring clip has a lot of pressure ,,,,I mean a lot I’m not kidding,,,you feel like your 20 torq driver is getting ready to break,,,,this is a bad design.

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