BMW N63 twin turbo v8

image image imageI thought you would enjoy this pic….this is a BMW N63 twin turbo v8. It’s easier to drop the engine and transmission and subframe all together to remove the heads and replace the valve guide seals and remove the carbon build up on the intake valves.It’s a very big job as you can see.

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13 Responses to BMW N63 twin turbo v8

  1. Very nice post. I certainly appreciate this website. Keep writing!


  2. Navin says:

    The N63 on my F02 threw a Drivetrain Malfunction message every time I go past 5500 rpm. They replaced the cyl 6 fuel injector and it still came back. No they are replacing the engine head along will all the associated parts. Do I have to ask them to check for carbon build up while they are waiting for the parts? My car has done 98k miles.


    • When they replace the cylinder head the carbon should be cleaned with a new head,,,,,,,are they replacing both cylinder heads?,,,,if they are only replacing 1 cylinder head,,,,have them check for carbon on the other head.


  3. Felix says:

    Hi.whats the name and model of the engine lift,i see MHT 12 but cant see the rest.thx!


  4. Erez Zegman says:

    Would appreciate any BMW mechanic to solve a carbon build up on my 2011 550i
    no one seems to be able to tell me how to clean it off or any other solution, other then put fuel additives etc that really don’t do nothing. tried every product off the shelves, nothing.
    it feels like misfire when you at idle every few seconds, had all 8 injectors replaced, all 8 coils, high pressure fuel pump, anything BMW thought is the reason, still no change.
    thank you for any solution
    754-214-1000 (South Florida)


    • The only real way to clean off carbon is to drop the engine and transmission together and remove both intake manifolds,,,,then you turn the engine until the intake valves are closed and you walnut shell blast the back side of the intake valves until the valves are clean,,,,that’s the only way to do it short of taking each cylinder head off and removing each intake valve,,,,which would be a lot of money,,,,to perform the walnut she’ll cleaning would be about 15hour work time if that helps


      • erez zegman says:

        Thank you for the info, I was afraid of it but now I am pretty certain it’s the only solution.
        Would anybody know who can perform it in South Florida, i.e. the Fort Lauderdale atea


      • wdhilliard says:

        Do you think it is possible to get the heads and intake off without dropping the engine in the F10? I don’t have access to any fancy lifts, and while it seems like lots of work, it would give me the chance to replace the valve stem seals at the same time, and allow me to use a basic spring press once the heads are out.


      • You have to drop the engine,,,,there is no way to remove the heads inside the car


  5. SD BMW says:

    Thanks for the info. So this valve stem seal fix and the carbon removal still would be under factory warranty? If they are, how do I request to them to clean it? I believe the dealer wouldn’t just clean it up without any error code related to it or any issue caused by the carbon build up?


    • The valve stem seal,,,you have to tell the dealer you are burning oil and that the car has a rough idle,,,,you could also mention could it be carbon on the intake valves,,,,if they check the valve stem seals for any leaking oil,,,they should also check the intake valve for carbon,,,,they can check it with a bore-a-scope


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