N20 injectors

image image imageReplacing fuel injectors on a N20 engine,,,fuel injectors were dumping fuel causing misfires,,,,it was so bad you could smell fuel coming out the exhaust,,,and of course BMW special tool to remove and install the injectors,,,,BMW always has their special tools,,,,,lol

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  1. Carl allen says:

    F30 N20 328i 2012, misfire cylinder 1,faults read cylinder 1 combustion duration to short cylinder 1. Engine has done 49000 miles.fuel either 95 or 99 octane,serviced by BMW since new,last full service including plugs 1000 ago,we have tried a new coil on cyl 1. Swopped coils 1 and 2 no difference,swopped plugs 1 and 2 still cyl 1 issue. Swopped injectors 1 and 2 still cyl 1 issue. Compression test 1 and 2 reading 210 psi.plugs not wet with fuel so don’t suspect leaking injector.fault still stays with cyl 1. Carried out cyl-scope and shows cyl 1 and 2 have spark and injection trace both look identical it still cyl 1, will not run.start engine point infa temperature reader on exhaust outlets heat in 2,3 and 4 but cyl 1 cold . We’re would you look next.

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