E90 328i vanos units

image image image imageE90 328 got towed in,,,crank no start issue,,,check fuel pressure ok,,,notice while cranking engine,,,,motor was spinning over to easy,,,,like no compression ,,,,opened oil cap,,,looked inside engine while some else cranked engine,,,,,noticed intake camshaft not turning,,,,,ok remove valve cover,,,,found intake vanos  bolts broken off,,,,you can see that in the second pic,,,,the third pic is the exhaust vanos unit and the bolts are still there,,,the fourth pic is what the insides of the vanos unit looks like,,,,,we replaced both vanos units,,,,,we also removed the oil pan and removed all the broken bolts from the oil pan.

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7 Responses to E90 328i vanos units

  1. hoonfilms says:

    i have same issue did you fix problem?


  2. ninja_zx11 says:

    Is it not an interference engine?didn’t do any damage to the valves?


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