M5 V10 engine swap

image image image imageHere’s pics of a M5 V10 engine swap,,,,the original engine had a internal rod knock,,,,and the extended warranty company payed for a factory replacement engine,,,,that is very unusual for a extended warranty to pay for a factory engine,,,,they usually pay for a used engine from a junk yard,,,the last pic is the new engine in a box all wrapped up,,,,,nice seeing a new factory engine.

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8 Responses to M5 V10 engine swap

  1. Felix says:

    Hi.Whats the name of extended warranty company if you remember?


  2. Harry says:

    Hello! Would you recommend an extended BMW warranty for a 2013 528xdrive? I bought it new and the only warranty fix has been a fuel sensor. Thank you.


  3. Harry says:

    Final question: A 7/100000 warranty for the 528xdrive costs $4000 from BMW. Worth it?
    Many thanks!


    • What company is it,,,,is it fidelity warranty,,,,,that’s a good warranty company


      • Harry says:

        This is extended warranty from BMW. It is for 3 yrs. or 50000 miles for $4000 (total 7/100000 from initial date of service which was 2013)


      • It’s a good warranty company,,,,I know it’s a lot of money,,,,and it’s a big chance if you are going to use it,,,,,,I know it’s a hard call to make,,,,,I’m a BMW tech so I really don’t think about that stuff for my own BMW because I can fix them,,,,,I’m sorry ,,im not really any help.


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