N54 twin turbo burning oil

image image imageJust had a n54 twin turbo engine burning oil,,,smoke tested the intake system,,,,no leaks found,,,,check for any faults or any rough running problems were ok,,,I removed the spark plugs and found cylinder 1 with some burning oil,,,,,you can see the differts in color from the other spark plugs,,,,,,noticed how the one spark plug is brown in color at the tip,,,,checked for cylinder leak down was good,,,,,compression was good,,,,,found problem with valve cover internal .

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2 Responses to N54 twin turbo burning oil

  1. Aaron says:

    What problem did you find with the valve cover internal?


    • Found the built in vent valve inside the valve cover was leaking internally,,,,it’s something you can not see,,,,sometimes you can notice it when there too much vacuum inside the engine,,,,the way you check that is when the engine is at idle,,,,you try and loosen the oil cap on the valve cover,,,there should be some vacuum,,,,not a lot ,,,,I have seen sometime you can’t even open the oil cap there is too much vacuum.


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