N54 twin turbo burning oil

image image imageJust had a n54 twin turbo engine burning oil,,,smoke tested the intake system,,,,no leaks found,,,,check for any faults or any rough running problems were ok,,,I removed the spark plugs and found cylinder 1 with some burning oil,,,,,you can see the differts in color from the other spark plugs,,,,,,noticed how the one spark plug is brown in color at the tip,,,,checked for cylinder leak down was good,,,,,compression was good,,,,,found problem with valve cover internal .

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15 Responses to N54 twin turbo burning oil

  1. Aaron says:

    What problem did you find with the valve cover internal?


    • Found the built in vent valve inside the valve cover was leaking internally,,,,it’s something you can not see,,,,sometimes you can notice it when there too much vacuum inside the engine,,,,the way you check that is when the engine is at idle,,,,you try and loosen the oil cap on the valve cover,,,there should be some vacuum,,,,not a lot ,,,,I have seen sometime you can’t even open the oil cap there is too much vacuum.


  2. David Vatcher says:

    My 2010 135i has a weird frog sound from the valve cover. What is that?


    • When does that frog sound happen,,,,with the engine at idle,,,or shutting off the engine,,,,when the frog sound happens loosen the oil cap and see if the frog sound goes away,,,if it does then you need a new valve cover


      • DAVID R VATCHER says:

        When the car is in park at idle. I did try the oil cap loosening it up taking it off. doesn’t seem to help so I guess I’m going to need a new valve cover. Will this do any damage to my crank seals if I keep running it this way? Thank you very much been a big help👍


      • Yes it will over a long period of time cause damage to the crank seal,,,,the sooner you replace the valve cover the better you are,,,,I know it’s not cheap


  3. David says:

    Ok….thank you Think I’m going to attempt to do this job myself

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  4. David says:

    2010 135i having some problems with my battery draining every 7 to 10 days noticed when it rains out. Next day I get in the car put the key fob and it makes a buzzing noise and then the car won’t start sometimes it will sometimes I have to jump it


    • I’m sorry it could be anything,,,,how old and how good of a battery do you have in your car,,,,,if the battery is 5yrs old it has done its job and maybe time to replace it,,,,also check by the battery and make sure there is no water getting into the rear trunk area.


      • David says:

        2010 135i I talked to a BMW Tech and he told me that I have to get my battery coded to the car can I buy my own and register it with my scan tool? This is my first BMW so I’m learning


  5. David says:

    2010 135i Looking to buy a battery and put it in my I was talking to a tech he told me that the battery has to be coded to the car. can I register the battery with my scan tool?


  6. 135idavid says:

    It’s a foxwell I bought it just for a BMW does register my battery just wanted to make sure nothing else had to be done before I install a new one. Thank you’ve been a huge help


  7. 135idavid says:

    Foxwell510 Yes it does register my battery thank you you better huge help

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