M3 interior dash tore apart

image image imageThat race car from my last post,,,I had to remove the whole center consul and dash,,,,I had to get to the a/c condenser and replace it,,,,I had to remove the whole a/c heater core box,,,,,and disassemble it,,,,,good times,,,,thank god everything worked and the dash didn’t rattle after putting it all back together ,,,,,,,answer me this does a real race car need a/c to work,,,,lol

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2 Responses to M3 interior dash tore apart

  1. JC says:

    Hope all is well in California!

    Model: 2015 435i. 63k miles.

    Issue: Lukewarm heat from climate control system.

    Heater performance is poor regardless of which vents are open.. All vents are functioning. Vehicle is fully warmed up. When setting temp to max (84F) heat may climb by a couple of degrees but it would not be considered HOT. Outdoor temps: 40’s.



    • The problem could be either the heater valve or auxiliary heater pump,,,what you can do is when the car is warm and running and heater is on,,,check the three heater hoses that go through the firewall on the drivers side,,,one hose is the feed and the other is return,,,the feed and return hose should be hot ,,,if the hose are just warm trace where the hoses go to and see if the hose is hot before the heater valve or auxiliary water pump


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