F10 speaker

image nimage F10 drivers door speaker,,,customer said he here’s the driver door speaker cracking,,,,I first checked out the bass and treble levels,,,,were ok,,,,sometime we find them at the highest level and they wonder why they here the speaker cracking,,,I then played some music,,,,and did noticed some crackling in the door speaker,,,,when I removed the door panel,,,I noticed the speaker cone was dented,,,,, maybe that’s the problem?,,,,,I don’t know I’m not a audio guy.image

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4 Responses to F10 speaker

  1. Augie says:

    I’ve learned a lot from your blog. While I’m not an audio guy, I will give my 2 cents in order to give back to you in some small way…. My limited experience in audio would lead me to look elsewhere, based on your picture which doesn’t look like huge damage. Why don’t you simply swap left and right speakers and see if the crackle follows the speaker, maybe? Otherwise, wiring, circuitry?
    Good luck and thanks for your dedication to your blog.


    • When I removed the door panel and saw the damage to the speaker,,,,,I just went to parts and got a new speaker and plugged it in and checked to see if the problem went away,,,,and it did,,,,usually we do that,,,,but I was lucky to have a new one in stock ,,,,,made my job easier then removing two door panels,,,,thanks for following,,,,I hope I can help


  2. Doug Huffman says:

    I would associate crackling in a speaker with a broken coil wire, particularly with level set high. That either causes the fatigue break or the user is trying to get enough current through the break to hear an audio level, kind’a positive feedback.


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