550 Gran touring rear suspension

imageimageimageimageFunny thing here a 550 GT,,,,,and customer says rear suspension sagging,,,,I can see that lol,,,,at the same time the car has a recall for the left rear airbag losing air pressure due to airbag damage,,,,if the customer would have just came in before the airbag was damaged,,,who knows how long he has been driving like this,,,,,the customer never admits to anything,,,,,,then maybe we could have stopped the damage to the left rear tire as seen in the last pic,,,,,some people just don’t learn,,,,that tire is not cheap Goodyear excellence run flat ouch.

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2 Responses to 550 Gran touring rear suspension

  1. ninja_zx11 says:

    hi, Nice to find your blog.I got one question.On my 2009 e70 with air suspension,most of the times i hear compressor running for may be 6-7 seconds while starting the engine and it raises sometimes may be 1/4″ to 1/2″ but it doesn’t sag.Do you think its normal?thanks


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