550 Gran touring rear suspension

imageimageimageimageFunny thing here a 550 GT,,,,,and customer says rear suspension sagging,,,,I can see that lol,,,,at the same time the car has a recall for the left rear airbag losing air pressure due to airbag damage,,,,if the customer would have just came in before the airbag was damaged,,,who knows how long he has been driving like this,,,,,the customer never admits to anything,,,,,,then maybe we could have stopped the damage to the left rear tire as seen in the last pic,,,,,some people just don’t learn,,,,that tire is not cheap Goodyear excellence run flat ouch.

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6 Responses to 550 Gran touring rear suspension

  1. ninja_zx11 says:

    hi, Nice to find your blog.I got one question.On my 2009 e70 with air suspension,most of the times i hear compressor running for may be 6-7 seconds while starting the engine and it raises sometimes may be 1/4″ to 1/2″ but it doesn’t sag.Do you think its normal?thanks


  2. rlarsen0909 says:

    I have a somewhat related question. I have a 2016 X5 40e with about 54k miles on it, which JUST went our of warrant (3 months ago). And the air suspension compressor failed a few days ago, according to my mechanic, the pump seized, the were able to supply air to the air springs and they seem to be holding ok. They can install the compressor, but they cannot get any information as to whether there needs to be any coding/programming done to the vehicle after installation.

    So the question is, does this part need to be “coded” in order for it to work correctly?

    Thank you!!


    • No the air compressor does not need to be coded,,,,but you might have to check the ride height in the rear once the new compressor is installed and the airbag fill up,,,,the rear ride height should be about 700mm to about 720mm on the high side.


      • rlarsen0909 says:

        BMW is now saying that there is a small leak in one of the air springs, causing the compressor to overwork and blow a fuse — I heard a sharp bang, while driving about 15mph on a smooth private driveway and the entire suspense collapsed — on both sides. BMW tells me that the fuse blew because i have a pinhole leak in ONE of the springs and the compressor was overworked (after driving only 20 minutes!!??)

        Is it normal for the entire rear air suspense to completely deflate instantaneously as a result of a blown fuse? AND, is it normal for the system to not have warned me of any impendending failure.

        In addition, these air springs were removed and inspected only 8 months and 4 thousand miles ago at the same BMW service center to investigate an odd noise.

        Should i have gotten some warning prior to this catastrophic failure?

        Sorry to be long winded, but I’m just trying to make some sense out of this and i’m concerned about continue use of this vehicle.

        Thank you!!!!


      • No problem,,,no you will not get a warning if the entire rear suspension collapsed,,,,yes this is normal to have both side collapsed at the same time,,,yes once the fuse blows then the system will start to deflate,,,,if you are going to replace the rear airbags then replace both at the same time


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