F10 trans mechtronics

image imageHere’s some pics of a mechtronic valve body for a F10 transmission,,,the problem we had was the trans would automatically shift into park at a stop,,,,there was a software update to fix the problem,,,,but that didn’t fix it,,,,so I found some strange transmission faults in the system,,,,I then sent the faults to a ZF trans specialist,,,,,and he noticed some other internal faults with trans,,,,,so they recommended to replace the mechtronic valve body and code the unit,,,I test drove the vehicle for several miles,,,,time will tell if this will fix it,,,,if not then possible a whole transmission.

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17 Responses to F10 trans mechtronics

  1. Mathieu A says:


    I’m having intermitent issues with the transmission on my X1 E84. After long rides, it shifts hard from 2 to 1, and when I park I get this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kzq_rM_S-lM

    Thanks for your input!


    • Thanks for the video,,,,I don’t understand what’s really going on in the video,,,,I see you trying to shift it into drive and it didn’t shift for you,,,,,,question does the shifter feel stiff or hard to shift like it is jammed,,,,,it could be your GWS shifter going bad.,,,the GWS is all electrical,,,,it just sends a signal to the transmission


      • Mathieu says:

        Hi! The issue is really the big bump when I put it into drive (put headphones, you will hear).

        I also get similar issue when it downshifts from 2 to 1, and hard downshifts in any speed. Intermittent problem 😦 happens after a long ride.


      • Ok,,,I put headphones on,,,,I see what you mean by the bump,,,,probably the easiest thing to due is reset the transmission adaptation value,,,,if that doesn’t do it then there is a problem internally inside the transmission


      • mathieuallaire says:

        Since there is no error code, dealer won’t open it and they can’t replicate the issue, since it’s intermittent. The adaptation value were already reset and got reset again…

        Thanks anyway!



      • Sorry about,,,,,hopefully you get it resolved.


  2. Petrus nica says:

    I need to change the gerbox, is plug and play or i need coding? thanks


  3. catalin86 says:

    I need to change the gearbox, Is plug and play or i need coding??? BMW F10 520d 2011 AUTOMATIC. thanks


  4. Abdul says:

    Hi there, hard to find people like you with knowledge on BMW. I recently had the valvebody/mechatronics unit replaced with one from and identical model 2011 550i base sedan. I would like to know if there is a chance it would work on mine if programmed and how to go about programming it, i live in winnipeg and its been impossible finding anyone to do this for me. any advice/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


    • This will not work,,,you will not be able to change the mechatronics info from the used car and change it to your car,,,,take it from me,,,I just had a insurance company buy a used mechtronics unit and they paid me to install it into the customers car,,,we told the insurance company this can not be done,,,,they didn’t listen,,,after I was done and programmed it the transmission locked up and wouldn’t shift into drive or reverse the transmission locked up,,,,,the insurance company then payed for a new complete trans,


  5. Abdul says:

    Wow thanks for the swift reply, unfortunately i went down the same path as the insurance company. My car was fine, and one day i started it to go out and it wouldn’t shift into any gears all i got was the trans malfunction message. The mechanic who looked at it said it was probably the turbine speed sensor. The question i have is, from your experience is that the case? and would swapping the solenoids/ mechanical part of the valve body from the one i bought while maintaining my TCM unit perhaps make a difference ? if not all that , any suggestions ? where might i look for what can help?
    kind regards


    • You can give it a try,,,you have nothing to lose,,if you do swap out the solenoids valve just have the tech clear the transmission adaption values so we start with factory settings.


  6. Abdul says:

    Clear the transmission adaption values on the original valvebody or the new on one just to confirm?


  7. Chris says:

    Does a salvage transmission have the same problems with recoding and programming to a different 2014 f10 528, “I was done and programmed it the transmission locked up and wouldn’t shift into drive or reverse the transmission locked up”.


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