M3 new color

image image image imageM3 with a new color,,,,I personal like it a lot,,,,I’m showing my age when I say this color has been around for a long time,,,,Mercedes,Porsche ,VW and Audi all had this paint color,,,,Mercedes,Porsche and VW had it in the 50’s,,,,,the VW bug had it for many years,,,the interesting thing is the blue and grey interior,,,,,at first I thought it doesn’t work,,,,but the more I looked at the car the more I liked it,,,the car is also has custom suspension and exhaust system,,,,the reason the car is in the shop the second owner can not get the car to pass smog,,,,it seems the emission codes are not being set in the computer,,,,we already flashed the DME,,,,,some of the codes are set but not all of them,,,,will see what happens next to this car.

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