N20 oil filter housing recall

image image image imageN20 and N26 plastic oil filter housing recall,,,,the black one is the plastic one,,,,,what happens the plastic cracks or breaks in between the oil and water journals,,,,,,and the oil and water mix causing the water to look like baby diarrhea color,,,,and could cause the rod bearings inside the engine to go bad,,,,,we have seen that happen a couple of times,,,,,and BMW wasn’t happy about putting new engines in cars,,,,,so now we have a recall on plastic oil filter housings,,,,and updated with new aluminum oil filter housing.

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13 Responses to N20 oil filter housing recall

  1. Kennedy says:

    What is the number / ID for the recall? Thanks.


    • Sorry I don’t have the bulletin on hand with me,,,,all the bulletins are at work,,,the dealer should replace it no matter what,,,,they know the plastic housings were bad,,,,,if I saw one on a car,,,,,we would just replace them,,,,no questions asked.


  2. Kennedy says:

    I asked because my dealer charged me for it – even though I argued that it was a known problem. With a formal BMW recall/bulletin number to reference I can head to the manager’s office. Thanks.


  3. Jane says:

    Can you please tell me what service action means? Is it another word for ‘recall’?

    I called both BMW Canada and the dealership today. They both confirmed there is no recall related to the housing unit for. When I offered the bulletin number they both declined to take it. So now I’m having my car towed from my mechanic to the dealership so they can assess the situation?

    Do you think I’m wasting more time and money by doing this? Or do you think it’s worth a fight? I know for a fact this issue is known to BMW and I think it should be raised as a recall in Canada.

    By the way, where are you located?

    Any thoughts or suggestions on this will be appreciated.


    • This is just a service action,,,which means BMW knows about it and the dealer should have replaced it when the car was in the shop,,,,we would just replace it for the customer convenience,,,,,you might be wasting your time bring it to the dealer if it is out of warranty,,,,,I am located on the west coast


  4. Plastic filter housing recall says:

    My dealer changed the housing but has been busy a whole week flushing engine and cooling system. also so replaced cooling reservoir free of charge. I lost a lot of oil before getting the car in so I’m concerned ..has long term damage been done even if the dealer cleans the engine thoroughly and hands moe the car?


  5. Dinh Tung says:

    Hi every one,
    This week my car just had an oil leak issue and so far I found out that it happened from a cheap plastic oil filter housing. I have brought my car to inspection and after researching I found out that it was a recall issue and should be replaced a new aluminum oil filter housing. However, when I speak to people in BMW services they all agreed about my problem but they said that my car is not under recall so I had to pay for that.
    I have called to bmw head office and they didnt give me the answer, I am very disappointed why my car is an defective product from bmw but they they refused their fault? it costed me nearly $2000 to had it done. Can any body please help
    My car is E84 (2012)


    • Sorry about what happened,,,,but I can’t help you,


    • Jane says:

      Hey Dinh. I had the same issue as you. I also called head office about it. It’s a defect but they won’t do anything about it other than fix it and charge you for it. It was sooo frustrating and because of this I will never buy another BMW again. The oil filter housing on the newer models are now made of aluminum. I totally understand what you’re going through with ordeal. IMO it’s complete BS!


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