Customer did not listen

image imageI hate to say this,,,but sometimes I’m right,,,,I told the customer his rear tires were unsafe to drive with,,,,and that the inner threads steel was showing,,,,he said that he still saw some threads on the rear tires,,,,,I showed him some pics of the steel showing through the tire,,,,but he didn’t believe me,,,,so he declined the rear tires,,,,guess what the next day he got towed in to the shop with a flat tire,,,,it was so bad that he damaged the rim,,,,some lessons are hard to learn I guess.i know run flats are expensive,,,,but sometimes you just have to do the right thing like it or not.

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2 Responses to Customer did not listen

  1. UltimateDrivingMachine says:

    Hello BMWtechnician, I am going to get my alignment done on my E92. Should I go back to BMW or can I go to any alignment shop? I heard there is a special way to do BMW alignments where you put weights in the car?


    • You can go to any good alignment shop as long as they can do a 4 wheel alignment,,,,,and I mean good alignment shop,,,,not one of these cheaply tire places ok,,,not all BMW need to put weight in a car


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