E46 Sulev gas tank

image imageok here it is the good mine of fuel pumps,,,,the E46 Sulev fuel tank,,,,if the fuel pump goes bad you have to replace the whole fuel tank,,,,the fuel tank is sealed with no access to the fuel pump,,,,I believe the price on this fuel tank is $7000,,,,,thank god it covered under the Sulev emissions warranty

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9 Responses to E46 Sulev gas tank

  1. Jack Villar says:

    Wondering if you can chat via email…
    I have questions about SULEV units out of warranty.


  2. BMW SULEV E$^ says:

    I have 2004 SULEV and gas is going to charcoal filter is the gas tank bad or something else?


    • Yes it possible the fuel tank is bad,,,but it could be a couple of thing,,,,the dmtl pump could also be bad,,,,,we know the charcoal canister is bad now because of the fuel inside,,,,I know the fuel tank on a E46 is very expensive,,,,check out your state emission laws and see if the fuel tank might be covered under a emissions warranty,,,,in California I thinks its 15yr 150k miles


  3. Jonathan Tamay says:

    Hi, I’m trying to buy the gas tank for a 2004 BMW Sulev


  4. Selina says:

    How can I purchase a fuel tank from u guys


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