N63 tore apart

image image image image imageN63 getting the timing chain repairs and valve stem seals,,,,here’s some pics with the heads off,,,,,,and all the parts spread all over the shop floor and work benches,,,,trying to keep track of all the bolts and brackets and misc parts,,,,this is no dream job,,,,I don’t know any tech that likes this job

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6 Responses to N63 tore apart

  1. Chuck Reynolds says:

    I have a misfire in cylinder 6. Normal cold start. Then when reaching operating temperatures it throws a check engine and a dtm. I moved coils and it stayed misfiring in cylinder 6. I replaced spark plug. Still misfires in cylinder 6. Though it did operate much smoother at first once reaching operating temp and even was able to go into gear before 15 min of idle and slight misfire eventually went into dtm. Significant misfire now and immediate dtm. Most noiceably when put in reverse.
    Car was supposed to have had CCP and new injectors, recently 10k ‘miles plugs replaced, two hpfp, but receiving a misfire cylinder 6 and Carly coded “fuel pressure too high “
    Help please I’m covered by cpo but I hate the local dealership and just don’t have the extra funds to Towe it to My preferred dealership about two hours away


    • Sounds like you have a bad fuel injector,,,,I know you don’t like the dealer but it is cover under CPO and would cost you $50 plus the tow,,,,,what you could do is pull out cylinder 6 spark plug and see if it is fuel soaked and that will tell you that the injector is bad.


      • Chuck Reynolds says:

        I had already replaced that spark plug and it was charred not fuel soaked.
        It says exhaust valve too high? I believe in carly . Is this a vanos issue or no because it’s just one cylinder


      • It’s not a vanos issue because it is only one cylinder,,,,when you said the spark plug is charred,,,,,was it covered with oil,,,,,are you burning oil?,,,,,,does your car smoke out the tailpipe after idling for awhile,,,,,maybe valve stem seals are bad and causing your misfire on cylinder 6


      • Chuck Reynolds says:

        Really depending on the situation. Lots of water in the tailpipe. And sometimes startup lots of smoke other times not much at all. Even with idle times being long. I have heard of the valve stem seals going but not sure how to diagnose those. I know that the plug wells seems to me very clean , and ya the plugs look burnt to a crisp on cylinder 6 and will check the others and recently replaced plug


      • This is how you check to see if valve stem seals are bad,,,,drive the car for 5 minutes if you can,,,,,,then let the car sit and idle for 20 minutes,,,,after it’s been idling for 20 minutes get in car and rev the car really quickly to 4000 to 5000rpm and see if a cloud of smoke come out the tailpipe.,,,if their is a cloud of smoke then the valve stem seals are bad.


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