N63 oil pan leakin

imageimageimageN63 oil pan leaking,,,,a common place for them to leak is just next to the oil filter housing and the corner of the trans and oil pan,,,,sometimes we have seen the oil pan crack,,,,the aluminum oil pan is so thin ,,,, that I think it flexes and cracks causing a oil leak,,,,the pic with the gear and chain,,,,is the gear for the oil pump and oil pump chain,,,,,,you have to remove the oil pump to remove the oil pan,,,,when you install the oil pump you have to adjust the oil pump for the right tension on the chain,,,,if the tension is too tight it will cause a noise,,,,,too loose it could cause a chain rattle noise,,,,,it need 10mm free play in the chain.

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11 Responses to N63 oil pan leakin

  1. Devin mathis says:

    Hey I was wondering if it is possible to remove oil pan upper and lower on n63 rear wheel drive 550i with engine in car. If so could you help me with how?


    • Yes it can be done,,,,but it’s a tight fit and won’t be easy doing it your back,,,,you will also need a lot of special tools,,,you will have to support the engine,,,,because you will lower the subframe about 3 inch,,,you also have to remove the oil pump,,,you will need a special tool to adjust the oil pump chain when you put it back in,,,,you will just lower the upper oil pan and slide out the oil pan gasket and then slide in the new one.


      • Devin mathis says:

        Hey thanks for the response, I have a lift I will be using. I need to remove upper and lower completely to check on internal bearings.

        Can you link me to specific tools I will be needing?


      • Why do you want to look at the internal bearing,,,,,I don’t have a link for tools,,,,the main one you will need is to check and adjust the oil pump chain to 10mm slack in chain


      • Devin mathis says:

        Rod bearing issues. I couldn’t find where to find the tool for gauging chain deflection.
        I planned on supporting engine and dropping full subframe if it was a do able task. Any tips? Looking to do it this weekend. Slight rod knock on one cylinder. Going to see if crank has any scores on it or if it just needs a new bearing and will be good to go. I know they swapped bearing materials and had failures.


      • No there really no special tips,,,,,its pretty straight forward,,,,just take your time,,,,this job takes about 12 hours to replace rod bearings


      • I as thinking if you want to check the bearings,,,,you will have to completely drop the subframe so you can remove the lower and upper oil pan.


  2. Nazar says:

    the noise that it makes when over-tight, is it like a whine/howling in cold starts and then it kind of goes away?


    • Are we talking about the N20 and N26 timing chain whine,,,,if we are the whine noise during cold start and goes away is normal ,,,,the timing chain whine is always there while reving the engine hot or cold


  3. Amanda says:

    HI I have a 2009 328i xdrive coupe,sulev-n51..I have oil on the oil pan. I was wondering where the oil pan is? What are some places the oil could be coming from to go on the oil pan. How does someone find out where the leak is coming from.Thank you for all your advice.


    • The oil on the oil pan can be coming from several places,,,
      1) oil pan gasket could be leaking
      2) valve cover gasket could be leaking down to the oil pan
      3) oil filter housing could be leaking down to the oil pan
      Those are the most common oil leaks,,,,,you need someone to look at where the oil is coming from or have someone clean the engine and drive the car for a mouth and recheck to see where the oil leak is coming from.


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