Extra money

imageI know this isn’t car related,,,,but this blog is about what a BMW master tech see at work in his daily life,,,,,and trust me I have seen some pretty strange this in my 29 years as a tech,,,,but this is a family blog,,,,,I was working on this E60 the other day and noticed just sitting in the driver door panel ,,,,was the customer little extra money nicely folded dollar bill in stacks of $10,,,,, very interesting,,,I was worried that his money would be stolen ,,,,,,,we have so many different people drive the cars from car wash guys to car porters delivering cars,,,,anyone would have access to this money,,,,,we told the customer about it and he said just leave it in the door panel it will be ok,,,,,thank god nobody took any of the money,,,,the last thing anybody needs is to be blamed for stealing something out of a car.

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2 Responses to Extra money

  1. Xander says:

    Just curious BMWTech. Speaking of money being left in cars, has anyone ever tried to give you extra money on warranty repairs or recalls to do a “good job” or go the extra mile for them?
    I ask because I have a friend who gives our local tire shop tech an extra 20 dollars to be extra careful on his nice wheels.


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