N20 turbo oil line

imageN20 updated turbo oil feed line imageyou can see on the new oil,,,,the 1 way check valve to stop oil feeding the turbo while its shut off. image You have to remove the turbo ,,,because the oil line is behind the turboimagethis is a pic of the old oil line,,,,,no check valve,,,,,,what happens is that during cold start up the customer could see smoke coming out the tailpipe,,,,the major problem is the turbo oil feed line,,,,,,when the engine is shut off and sits for long periods of time,,,,,,the oil keep draining from the engine into the turbo,,,,causing to much oil inside the turbo during cold start and blowing past the turbo seals,,,,causing the smoke out the tailpipe.

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47 Responses to N20 turbo oil line

  1. Todd says:

    Is this a recall item performed by the dealer or is this out of pocket expense by the owner?


    • The N20 turbo oil line was covered under the cars warranty,,,,the customer complaint about smoke coming out the tailpipe during cold start p in the morning,,,,so BMW updated the oil line for the turbo with a built in check valve,,,,this will not be covered if car is out of warranty


  2. Malik says:

    Part number? Please. Cheers


    • Sorry I don’t have the part number,,,that special oil line is only released from BMW only,,,,,I have to make a PUMA case,,,a PUMA case is a group of BMW specialist who we have to get authorized to replace special parts,,,,that oil line is only released from BMW,,,,,it is not a part you can order at this time,,,,,,why what’s wrong with your car?


      • Malik says:

        Same as you have explained in your ‘n20 turbo oil line’ post. Need the part number to fix mine. Any chances of getting the part number? I ordered 11428626652 but it does not have check valve. Regards

        Malik +6421991786

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      • No sorry,,,like I said that part is only release from BMW per PUMA case,,,,you would have to have a dealer submit a PUMA case with a problem with your car,,,,,the dealers don’t have permission to release that part.


  3. Melvin says:

    Thanks for posting this,
    I thought i had worn valve stem seals at first, after seeing this I have replaced the oil feed and she’s good as gold.


  4. Jim says:

    Do you happen to know what model year they began using the new line with valve?


  5. Ankur says:

    Hi … thanks for the details here, very helpful!!
    Would you know what could cause this? Per my mechanic I need to replace N20 turbo line and I am curious what cause this. He saying this is labor intensive task – cost of parts is not too high.



    • Yes labor is about 5 hours labor,,,,why does he want to replace the turbo oil line,,,,letting you know that replacing the oil line is not always the fix for smoke coming out the exhaust pipe during cold start up,,,,sometimes it’s both the line and the turbo,,,,when replacing the oil line you have to remove the turbo at the same time,,,,,check in your area if the turbo is covered under a emissions warranty,,,,,,get the turbo replaced under the emissions warranty if you can,,,,,then just buy the updated oil line and replace it at the same time as the turbo,,,,save a lot of money if you can,,,,good luck,,,,I talk about this on my blog,,,,good luck


  6. Jesus Benavides says:

    Hello. I just purchased a 528i 2013 with 42,000 miles it also smoke at start up after it sat for 3days called the dealer and they said it was condensation. I let the car sit again at start up it did the same thing and it wasn’t condensation will take it in to the dealership.


  7. JLo says:

    People with the same BMW car engine need to read this blog. I have 2012 X1 with the N20 and have the same problem. The dealer however gave me the run around. I’m still trying to see if the Turbo line will go on the emission warranty. I doubt I’ll get anything from the dealer since I’m just over the warranty period. I’ve been to two different dealers in National Capital region and got two different quotes for the same work. They made me waste my time on two visits to finally leaving the car overnight for them to see the cold start smoke. Then they came with a timing chain and oil pump problem plus the turbo line…a total of $6,333.83 with taxes. Don’t worry I wont get it done…I’ll live with the problem and add oil if necessary. Hey people need to see another smoking BMW on the road, with the blackened exhaust tip. Maybe it will make people think twice.


    • I’m sorry,,,,I wish I could due something,,,,I can tell you BMW is thinking about extending the warranty on the timing chain,,,,because they know it’s a problem,,,,it might be like a extended timing chain warranty through BMW ,,,,let’s hope this happens,,,,on the turbo,,,,what state are you from,,,,maybe I can find something on the emission,,,,what year and miles on your car


  8. JLo says:

    Hi, I’m from the unofficial northern state called “Canada” (joke!). Lot’s of X1’s around this area on the road due to the winters (SUV’s are really popular). By the way I love your blog, I was excited to find it and (even though my current experience with BMW dealer) that you had explained all the symptoms of my vehicle so clearly. Thank you for that and keep up the great work!!
    I did a quick check on the emission warranty and it appears to be 4 years/80,000km here in Canada. It a 2012 X1 with 80,000km (just turned this week, go figure!). Do you know if I can request some financial assistance from BMW? Any alternative?


  9. ash says:

    I have a 2013 X3 28i with 54K km on it and have exactly the same issue. I’m from Canada, too.

    Dealer replaced the turbo oil line but the car still smoke. Dealer won’t replace the turbo saying the white smoke is not big enough for BMW Canada to approve the work under warranty.

    Would the oil in the turbo clear itself overtime? What would be the long term effect if it continues?



  10. Ken Hargis says:

    Bmwtechnician Helppppp! LOL I recently purchased a 2013 BMW x3 with 26000 miles on it from a non Bmw dealer. It started smoking on cold starts very shortly after that, or that is when I noticed it. I took it to BMW and they said it needs a turbo oil feed pipe and ordered one. The next day the car said low oil pressure stop carefully, I pulled over and the car died. Now the Bmw dealer has had the car for a week and said a lobe broke off the cam and it’s due to not changing the oil. They only show oil change in their system at 22,000 miles. They now say it’s not covered under warranty and it’s 18000 for a new engine. My question is can the oil feed pipe cause any of this? Second how can they prove that there is only one oil change and that is the cause of the problem. Help!!!!!


  11. John says:

    Hi there , i had the same issue on my n20 i replaced the turbo and i still have white smoke on cold start this time the smoke is not that much but i can’t tell if its oil leak or normal condensation.. Thanks


    • Did you replace the turbo or the turbo oil line or both,,,,,if it’s condensation it should be like steam and disappear in to the air and it should not smell like burnt oil,,,,,if it’s oil burning it will smell and the smoke will stay in the air longer


  12. Vijeth says:

    Hi I had a similar experience last week, my car always used to be smoking on cold starts. I bought the car used and was unaware of the recall. Got my oil change down for the first time with a BMW dealership and the next day the car said engine oil pressure stop carefully, I pulled over and the car died. Now the Bmw dealer has the car and said engine has grooves and pits due to low oil leading to low compression over time. My car is currently at 62000 miles, I contacted BMW NA and am hoping they will help me out. I was not even aware there was low oil. I want to ask again if the oil feed pipe cause any of this? I have all the records on carfax for service. its a 2013 328i xdrive. I am hoping to get your opinion on my situation. Please Help!!!!!


    • Is your car due for the turbo oil line recall,,,,,and it wasn’t done,,,,,yes that can cause low oil.


      • Vijeth Benegal says:

        Yes it’s due. I’m a new owner of this used car, got it 6 months ago and was never intimidated about any recall nor did any error messages pop up in car displaying low oil. My service rep as well as BMW confirmed it was in line for recall on Thursday and car died on me on Friday morning. I was planning to get it done today Monday. BMW is looking into my escalated case though it’s not in warranty how should I take this forward? I’m extremely upset about this.


      • Wow,,,,you can tell them you never got a low oil warning,,,and that since the turbo oil feed line was never replaced which causes loss of engine oil,,,,that the problem should be BMW ,,,,good luck


  13. vijeth says:

    Thank you for your prompt response, I really appreciate it. I am waiting on BMW to let me know the outcomes of this investigation. So as far as I understand, the turbo feed line [old] fed more oil into the turbo even when turbo was shut off which lead to low oil within the engine causing low compression? Does the same turbo oil feed line feed the engine too? Please correct me if I am wrong, I want to have a strong case to present to BMW if the turbo oil feed line is the root cause. The engine grooves are damaged and pistons not operational that’s what the dealer said.


    • The turbo oil line only feeds the turbo,,,,the new turbo oil line has a one way check valve so oil from the engine doesn’t leak in to the turbo when it’s in the off position,,,,what happens is that oil leaks into the turbo from the engine and when you start it up all this oil gets burnt off though the exhaust and out the tailpipe causing the smoke in the morning start up,,,,,I hope this makes sense ,,,,lol


  14. Vijeth says:

    I spoke to BMW they agreed to pay 50% for the repair cost, with all costs I guess it will cost $20k. I am not looking at spending $10k to replace engine, any idea how to source used or remanufactured engines? What do you suggest I do? BMW NA is not willing to budge from the price.


    • Sorry I don’t know any used or reman engines,,,,,I really don’t have any ideas on what to do next,,,I understand not wanting to pay $10k that’s a lot of money,,,,I wish I had a better answer for you.,,,,maybe find a good independent BMW shop


  15. Armando Contreras says:

    Hello BMWTechnician ,

    I have a 2012 Bmw 528i that recently started doing the smoke at cold start up, but also noticed my engine temperature rises from 215 F to 245F when running at 70mph. Is this something to be concerned about?

    Thank you in advance.

    Armando Contreras


    • The smoking part I would worry about,,,,keep an eye on the oil level,,,I would worry about the oil temp unless it goes higher,,,then I would have the car checked out,,,maybe some kind of cooling problem


      • Armando Contreras says:

        Thank you for the feedback. Is the temperature I pointed out a pretty normal temperature range, while driving on a 90 degree day? I also noticed that the smoke is white at times, but smells like gas and not burned oil, then clears. It doesn’t do this all the time at cold start, but just started a week ago. My car has approx. 84,000 miles.

        Thanks again,



      • The temperature sounds about right,,,you said it smell like gasoline,,,,if that is true then you might have a fuel injector that is starting to go bad.


  16. Mike Nackerman says:

    Hi BMW Technician, I have a 2013 X1 N20 with 110,000 miles that has the oil cloud on start-up problem. I’m a fairly high level do-it-yourselfer, how difficult is removing and replacing the turbo? Have you seen any written or video info on how?


    • It’s alittle on the difficult side,,,,you do 80% of the work from under the car,,,,you actual just pull back the turbo to gain access to the oil line so you can remove it,,,,,there is no need to completely remove the turbo,,,,just unbolt it and lay it on it side against the engine compartment so you can unbolt the oil line.


  17. Mike Nackerman says:

    Another problem we have quite often, after a short stop like getting gas, the half engine light symbol comes on and the car goes into limp mode for a short time. It never happens on cold start or while driving. Any thoughts?


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