I-drive controller

image imageHere your typical I-drive con controller,,,,sometime I wish a customer would just tell me the truth sometime,,,,,customer just said the I-drive controller is locked in on the radio only and won’t change stations,,,,I check faults found con controller short circuit and voltage faults,,,I noticed the buttons were sticky,,,like something had spilled on it like coffee,,,,I asked the customer he declined it saying it just stopped working,,,,while I started to removed the center wood trim,,,,I noticed everything had a coffee stain on it,,,so I was a good tech and cleaned all the wood trim and components for the customer,,,,,and replaced the con controller,,,,and programmed and encoded the new module,,,,I wonder why customer don’t tell us the truth sometime,,,,it’s like they are trying to hide something,,,,,it would just be easier if they told us the truth

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