F10 drivers door panel light bars

image f10 drivers door panel light bar,,,,this first pic shows behind the door panel and the electrical plug for the light bar,,,,,,imageThis is the pic of the grab handle cover on the door panel,,,,notice the clear plastic tube,,,,that’s where the light travels in,,,,these plastic tubes are very easy to break, imagehere’s the pic of the door panel with the upper wood trim removed,,,you can see the plastic light bar for the wood trim, imagehere’s a closer pic of that light bar,,,,notice how it bends into the back of the door panel,,,,,there is a special way to remove the wood trim,,,if done the wrong way,,,,,you will break this plastic tube,,,,,,and will have to buy a new door panel to fix it,,,,there is no replacement light bar,,,,,this is not a fun job,,,,,I have seen them break for no reason,,,,the plastic though the years gets brittle over time and just breaks if you touch it.

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5 Responses to F10 drivers door panel light bars

  1. Brad says:

    I have an F10 with ambient lighting and the exterior door handles on the passenger side dont light up. Drivers side fine I checked all fuses and could find none blown. Any ideas were to start troubleshooting.


    • Question has any work been done to that door or an accident on that door because I have seen cut wiring inside the door cause a problem,,,,,if no accident or any work on the door then the outside door handle light could be bad it a small LED that’s attached to the door handle,,,,the door panel and outside door handle will have to be removed to replace the small light


      • Brad says:

        Not that I’m aware I just purchased it, however it’s both passenger front and rear


      • Ok,,,that’s kind of strange both on one side of the car,,,,you might have a wiring issue,,,i would have the vehicle scanned for faults and see if there is any short circuit faults for those lights and that would tell you if it’s a wiring issue.


  2. Brad says:

    will do.. Thanks


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