E90 upper radiator hose

imageHere’s a pic of the upper radiator hose on a E90,,,,it looks like the hose is on,,,but it won’t clip on,,,the hose just pulls right off. imageHere the hose just pulled back,,,,what happen the car came in with no coolant and hose popped off,,,,,I checked  for faults and found the water pump faulty 40 times,,,,what happens sometimes is there to much pressure in the cooling system when the water pump starts failing,,,,and something has to break,,,,sometimes the expansion tank will crack,,,,,but this one the upper radiator hose blew off,,,the upper radiator hose and the radiator  upper neck was also damaged,,,the plastic on the radiator cracked,,,,,I recommended a water pump ,radiator and upper radiator hose,,,,the customer declined and drove the car out with no coolant in the engine,,,,,I wonder how far he made it tonight with no coolant.

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