N63 customer care package

imageimage N63 customer are package,,,these are the basic are package parts,,,the vent hoses,air mass meters.,,,,this vehicle also needed the vacuum pump,,,the injectors on this car had a index 11.,,,,and the low fuel pressure sensor was a Bosch,,,,so the was no update need for the injectors or fuel sensor imagethis is a pic’s of vacuum pump and both air mass meters,,,,also part of the care package is the timing chain check,,,,the timing chain checked out ok,,,,with the timing chain,,,we also perform a oil service,,,,and we program and change the cbs data for oil change every 12 month or 10000 miles,,,,also since the car was still covered under BMW 4year warranty and maintence,,,,,I also updated the battery to a 105 amp battery,,,,and retrofitted the car with a bigger battery,,,as a tech this is a good job to get because it pays well,,,,I have noticed the cars do idle better,,,,and perform smoother in some cases.

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  1. Augie says:

    Thanks for the photos.
    A question: when you check timing chain specs, I guess there is a range of acceptability…Will a reading from a car with higher mileage be acceptable while that same reading from a car with lower mileage be a fail?


    • Yes,,,,I have seen cars with low miles fail the test,,,,and also I have seen many high mileage cars pass the test,,,,,,Its not the chain that stretches ,,,,it’s the plastic chain rails that break,,,,and that causes the engine to fail the timing chain test,,,,,when we replace the timing we also replace all new chain rails and tensioner,,,,,,BMW gives us a complete kit on what should be replaced when it fails the timing chain test ,,,,thanks Andreas


  2. Can I ask on how you can replace side vent pipe (11157575640). I am trying to figure out on how to reach bottom of the pipe. The space between engine and wheel well is way to narrow.


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    • Lol,,,,that’s a special trick,,,,,we use very long thin screwdriver and or very thin long pick or pry bar,,,,you have to break off the two tabs then the plastic hose will come off,,,,practice on the passengers side first that is the easy one,,,,then lube the new one and push it on until you here it click into place,,,,,,good luck,,,the first time is the hardest.


  3. Pawel says:

    What is actually being checked during the timing chain check? It’s tension? How does the procedure look like? I’m asking, because my N63 is about to have the CCP done and during the last oil change I’ve decided to use slightly thicker oil (for summer-autumn) than the recommenced 5W30. I’m wondering whether or not thicker oil can affect the results of a timing chain check. Is there a possibility that the timing chain check will give false result due to different engine oil viscosity.


    • No thicker oil will have no effect on the timing chain check,,,,the timing chain check is done though the diagnostic machine,,,,,we run the engine up to 1500 rpm and it checks the position of the intake and exhaust camshaft,,,and then it advances and retards the vanos unit to see if they reach there limits,,,,if all the spec reach there limit then the timing chain is ok,,,,if they don’t reach there limit specs,,,,then the chain has failed.


      • Pawel says:

        I’ve heard something about the N63 intake carbon buildup problem. Is it a common problem and at what mileage does it usually occur? Is it possible to fix it without removing the engine? BTW have you ever seen the engine mounts fail on the N63 5-series? Is it worth paying extra for having these replaced while the timing chain (CCP) replacement is being done (they are fine atm but I’m thinking about doing it just in case as engine removal isn’t a common procedure and neither is it cheap // 2011, 50k miles)?


      • Yes the carbon build up is common,,,,i have seen it at 29k to 50k miles,,,,it all depends on how you drive your car,,,,if you baby the car it happens earlier,,,,and yes you have to remove the engine to clean the carbon on the intake valves,,,,we don’t see the motor mount going bad that much,,,,but if the engine is out it might be a good thing to replace with engine out.


  4. Pawel says:

    My friend is going to have the low pressure sensor replaced in his N63 7er (he has got Sensata one in there, will be replaced with Bosch #2). The part is going to arrive as a fully assembled fuel feed line with the sensor screwed into it. I was just wondering, if it’s ok to just unscrew the new sensor from the feed line and swap it with the currently installed one without replacing the whole feed line (torque it down with 20Nm – I’ve found ISTA-D screenshot somewhere on he Internet). If not, how difficult is it to replace the feed line? Is there anything more than: filter boxes, turbo intakes and air ducts required to disassemble in order to gain access?
    Thank you!


    • No,,,,don’t unscrew and swap it over,,,,the new Bosch one is made specially for that fuel line,,,,ok on difficulty,,,,it’s a little pain in the ass,,,,remove the two rubber turbo charge hoses for more clearance,,,,disconnect the battery please!!…disconnect the alternator connector and waste gate connector,,,,you will snake the fuel line out the drivers side,,,you will twist it out,,,be patient and watch out for the other hoses and vacuum line,,,,also watch out for the water by pass hose underneath,,,,,if you hit or touch that hose it could break at the T-fitting,,,,,good luck


  5. B7 Lady says:

    I own a 2008 Alpina B7 (750Li) and the car has been giving me engine problems from replacement of the supercharger (done twice for $4,00). Currently the car needs $10,000 more worth of work on the stem valves in the engine. When idle,my car blows white smoke like crazy. BMW are a piece of crap! Where are the lawyers to sue BMW on behalf of the consumers? The dealership has not mentioned anything about a recall or customer care package on my car. Does anybody know if the 2008 B7 is included in the CCP? Please advise.


    • I’m sorry for the problems your having,,,the best way to see if your car is covered under the CCP program is to have the dealer run the VIN number to see what campaigns come up under your car,,,,,,not all cars were covered under the CCP,,,,I don’t understand why that is,,,,,on the valve stem seals leaking that is just a common problem with that engine,,,,again I’m sorry for your problem


      • CASHE HOUSTON says:

        what fixes that smoke problem he just mentioned ? Also my timing chain has jumped time and I take it to the dealership hoping that it will be taken care under the N63 customer care package(which is supposedly covered no matter the age of your car or miles) and the SA (not my regular SA) he’s the only SA there because its the weekend. But he tells me Im no longer covered under the N63 customer care package because they looked at my timing chain in 2015 and nothing was wrong with it. So now if there is something wrong with it Im not covered under the package. What do you all think about this ? This doesnt sound correct nor does it make sense. Im waiting for Monday to speak with a service manager.

        P.S. The chain was never replaced or anything just checked. Do you lose the power to use thisN63 Customer Care Package/Recall if they have already check it in the past?
        Link for more info on the N63 Customer Care Package



      • The way I understood the N63 care package was a 1 time thing,,,,we checked the injectors,vacuum pump,vent pipes and performed a timing chain check,,,,,and if the timing chain passed the test we were done ,,,,,,and the care package campaign would be finished and closed on that car,,,,,I hope the service advisor can help you,,,,,the smoke coming out the tailpipe is due to the valve guide seals are leaking causing the smoking.


      • Cashe H says:

        Ok and I’m speaking with the Service Manger Monday hopefully it can still cover my timing chain because although it was checked 2 years ago it has now jumped time. And now I can’t even really drive my car one place says it will be 44hrs in labor just to check it out and possibly tell me what the issue may be. Do you have any experience in knowing what the issue may be if the engine has jumped time ? Also what’s the chances of the service manager honoring the campaign again now that the chain isn’t working 2years later ?

        Thanks a lot for your responses and advice as well!


      • First thing it doesn’t take 44 hours to figure out what is wrong if the timing chain has jumped time,,,,if it jumped timing probably one of the timing chain rails might have broken causing the timing chain to jump time,,,,,to fix the problem would be about 40 hours plus parts,,,,,now what are the chances they will honor the timing chain s all up to the dealership,,,,they might do a goodwill for you if your lucky,,,,,I hope it works out for you.


  6. Darcie says:

    I took my 2010 BMW 750 LI to my BMW dealer a year ago with drivetrain malfunctions
    Warning ⚠️ #8 misfire rough idle at start up! Recommend all 8 plugs be changed and all 8 ingnition coils. Did that but not at BMW but with BMW parts which we’re Bosch at that time. Still got drivetrain malfunctions! #8 again misfire. Plug keeps fouling. Car is back at BMW as we speak… $1900 to replace spark plugs to delfi and all ignition coils. And won’t even go over N63 care package because the check it last year and did nothing to it!! It’s BS there is a class action law suit and I am going to get involved! 3 months ago changed all 8 spark plugs which were ordered threw BMW Bosch. Now being replaced again with less then 300 miles on them! And they say we see nothing on the computer that says fuel injectors are bad but plugs are fouled and full off gasoline!
    Pissed off 😡 it’s a piece of shit! And so is the dealership!


  7. Ivan says:

    Hello sir. My car started oil consumption after replacing crankcase vent hoses. n63 engine. I think that they are bad quality. Where can I buy good quality vent hoses? They were bought in Russia, official BMW center.


  8. abes777 says:

    Hello. Cranckase vent hoses for n63 from russia’s delaerships are poor quality. Which ones are tested,where to buy? After installing that poor quality vent hoses car started to burn oil.


  9. Miodek says:

    My 2011 550ix N63 engine smokes on white on idle only when hot and smokes on blue after taping gas aftter extended idle when hot or cold. Also, it smokes 1qt every 500 km. How to figure out if it carnkcase ventilation (as workbook says), bad turbochargers, bad valve stems or in the worst case clocked pistons. Is there any possibly easy way to chcek it?


  10. Jim says:

    I have a 2012 550i which has only 43000 miles on it. I am the original owner. CCP was performed six months after delivery. I have never had oil consumption problems, but have always paid for extra oil changes (every 5000 miles). I recently check my oil level, I do it weekly, and it was full as usual. The next week I was getting ready for a long trip so was readying for an oil change prior to the trip. I checked the oil, this is four days after the previous check, and I had lost 1/2 qt of oil. My radar went up immediately because it is not normal for this engine. I jacked it up for the oil change and found oil leaking from the oil pan. My question is what caused this sudden oil leak over a four day period. I am thinking PCV system, check valve at air pipe etc. etc. I have cleaned it all up and changed the oil and filter. Now I am concerned about over pressurizing the engine and blowing other seals. It is parked since it happened because I don’t want further damage. You thoughts on what the cause is and a way forward (needed repair parts) would be greatly appreciated sir.


    • It’s hard to say without seeing the oil leak and how bad is the leak,,,,the common oil leaks if it is leaking around the oil filter housing next to the oil pan,,,,,it could be the upper oil pan gasket,,rear engine seal or maybe the turbo oil lines,,,,it’s also possible the valve stem seals are leaking which is a very common issue,,,,,now to check to see if the valve stem seals are leaking run the engine for about 10 minutes then put it in park and let the engine for about 20 minutes idling,,,,then after the 20 minutes I need you to rev the engine up real quickly up to 4000 or 5000 rpm and let it come back to idle and see if there is a cloud of smoke coming out of the exhaust if there is then the valve stem seals are leaking which would make sense with the fast lost of oil.


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