Aftermarket oil filters

image imageOk I will say it again,,,these after market oil filters are killing me,,,a basic N52 engine and the oil filter won’t come out,,,,the center plastic piece from the oil cap got stuck inside the oil filter,,,,I had to use a pry bar to remove it from the oil filter housing,,,also I noticed the sealing o-ring always leaks,,,,causing more problem,,,I have other pics of the aftermarket oil filters collapsed,,,,,,caution these cheap aftermarket oil filter are not good.

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15 Responses to Aftermarket oil filters

  1. dave says:

    prob walmart filter


  2. Bimmer:) says:

    Hello bmwtechnician, I had a N52 question and since this is the only N52 thread I thought I would ask it here. I am looking into buying a 2011 E92/Coupe 328i. I thought about a sedan with the N20 but it was just not as reliable. Any common problems on the 2011 E92 328i? How long can the engine and transmissions last without any problems?


  3. BmwN52 says:

    What is your recommended maintenance schedule on the E92 328i if I want to keep it for 150,000 miles?


  4. N51 says:

    Is the BMW Longlife approval LL01 really necessary?


    • No it’s not really necessary,,,just get some Castrol,Quaker state synthetic oil


    • JC says:

      Old post but… If you want to go non-LL01 and do 5k mile drains look for a 0w-30/40 or 5w-30/40 which has a min HTHS of 3.0. Look for the cheapest oil which has ACEA A3/B4 or A5/B5 on the bottle.

      LL01 piggybacks on ACEA A3/B4 and LL01FE on ACEA A5/B5. These oils meet certain specifications revolving around engine wear, drain interval, and contamination rate (sulphated ash) for emissions system (eg catalytic converters)

      Example: Regular Mobil 1 5w30.


  5. Had this happen with a WIX filter, had heard THEY were good, sheesh. I used Fleetguard exclusively on my Cummins Diesel Truck,going to check for fitment on my 335d. Mahle , Mann, hengst ?


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