I know not another old red car,,,,,but I had to we don’t see the Z3 to much anymore,,,this was one of BMW first new convertible roadsters back in the 80’s,,,,,never real like the car,,,,I always thought it was a girls car,,,,it’s hard to fit into the car when your 6’1″,,,,but when you did drive it it was still a fun car to drive.


She decided to update and replace both front headlight and fog light,,,,to a aftermarket brand,,,,,,I kind of like them,,,,these were nice install they just plugged right in,,,,,no cutting or splicing into the wiring harness


Here your typical interior,,,,nothing to special back in 1988,,,,she decided to paint the trim pieces red to match the exterior of the car


Here your muscle back in the day,,,M52 i6,,,,this was 150hp,,,,and the start of the vanos units for BMW,,,,it started with just one vanos unit only on the intake side,,,,also the start of plastic intake manifold,,,,and all the plastic engine cover were starting to appear in the engine compartment to make it look nice,,,,,which we still have today.

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