Z3 door lock actuator


This is a picture of a that red Z3 drivers door lock and actuator,,,,the door lock actuator is mounted on top and comes separate from the door lock,,,,on the Z3 the drivers door would not lock with the key remote,,,,,only the passengers side would work with the remote.


This is another picture of the complete door lock with the actuator,,,,this is a better picture,,,,,you can see it mounted on top of the door lock.


This is the picture of the door lock actuator separate from the door lock.


This is the bottom of the door lock actuator,,,,,this is important,,,,,do you see those slots on the bottom,,,,,that’s where it slides and locks into place on top of the door lock,,,,,,,if you don’t line up the slots with the door lock,,,,then it might not work properly and could jam up.

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6 Responses to Z3 door lock actuator

  1. AlexBMW says:

    Hello bmwtechnician, recently I cannot unlock or lock my passenger door with my remote. I have to lock or unlock it by pushing the lock down or using the door handle from the inside. It’s a 2011 E92. Why is this happening?


  2. AlexBMW says:

    I see. Also when I open and close my door, the window does not open and close half an inch like it’s supposed to. Does that have something to do with this you think? Appreciate your help.


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