F10 comfort access door lock actuator


This is the drivers door lock actuator and the soft close motor,,,,they both come together as a unit,,,,,,you can see the door lock actuator is the same as in a non comfort access car,,,,it just has the extra cables going to the electric motor that works the comfort access part


It is the comfort access motor,,,which just has a small motor that pulls a cable to help close the door lock actuator,,,,,it helps close the door


This is the door lock actuator,,,,,on this f10,,,, the drivers door would not unlock,,,,,you had to use the central locking button to open the car from the inside


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13 Responses to F10 comfort access door lock actuator

  1. Keith says:

    Is there a way to disable the soft close “feature” on 2011 f10?, my driver side front soft close mechanism makes a horrible ratcheting noise after the door closes, it seems like it’s trying to pull the door closed even though it is already secure. Is there a fuse just for soft close motor?


  2. Jonathan says:

    Hey Andreas, thanks for the post, this is great!

    Do you mind if you can help me with something? My F10 front passenger side lock doesn’t work unless I unlock it myself, by the looks of it, is the actuator. My question is, do I need to change it including the soft lock mechanism? Or can I just change the actuator itself?

    The part which i was given by the shop is 51217185689 but i was wondering if you know there is a cheaper alternative? Thanks for the help.


  3. Mike says:

    Hello Andreas, I have a 2013 535i xDrive F10 with comfort access (no soft close). Recently with cold weather outside (-2C .. -10C) drivers door started to give me some trouble. In the morning, the door will unlock and open but would not close. If I push on the pin inside, the door will close but then not being able to open from inside or outside. When using the outside handle I can feel that there is no resistance as if cable comes loose. Pushing the central lock button does move the pin up and down but it does not unlock the door. When the weather warms up or when I drive it to take my son to day care (about 30 minute drive) the unlock starts to work again. Happened two days in the row so far. I suspect the door latch is faulty. Do you have any ideas or suggestions?
    Also, in 2016 the door latch in question has been replaced by the BMW dealer. The receipt indicates the part # 51217202143 has been changed.When I plug this number on the http://www.ecstuning.com it indicates the part does not fit my vehicle. Is this correct?
    Thank you very much for help!


    • The door lock actuator is probably your problem,,,,also there are 2 cables on the door lock actuator which could be a problem in the cold weather.,,,,,I would check the part number with a BMW dealer because sometime the part number might change or supersede to a newer part number


  4. haikhan says:

    i have a 2011 550 GT, when i close my driver side door, i can hear the actuator’s motor eunning but it doesn’t seem to grab the door.


  5. Scott Wernersbach says:

    Usually DIY most of my issues but can’t seem to find my door issues problem listed anywhere. 2013 BMW M6 with soft close. Door shuts and engages but makes 3 horrible clicking noises that are loud with door latched. Is it a bad soft close motor? Or had door lock actuator?


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