BMW museum


After going through the BMW factory tour,,,,,we went to the BMW museum,,,,,which is all in the same area,,,,I was really impressed with the museum,,,,,it was done really well,,,,,the way you went through the years of BMW was pretty cool,,,,also the BMW motorcycles were incredible


I remember this car when I was a kid,,,,I always thought this was the ultimate BMW to have and drive,,,,I still have not been able to drive one yet,,,,,maybe someday


Of course I had to have a picture of this little classic car,,,,while we were at the factory,,,,and in the showroom area,,,,which was huge,,,,,they had one of the isetta and were driving all the little kids around inside the huge showroom,,,,all the kids lined up for a ride,,,,it was really cute.


I just enjoy the body lines of this car,,,,,it was nice you could just walk right up to them,,,,,,but you couldn’t sit in them,,,,if you have a chance,,,,you must also go to the museum

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2 Responses to BMW museum

  1. Augie says:

    Nice pictures.
    Thanks for the tour!


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