N55 turbo leaking oil


Here a picture of the right front axle coming out of the oil pan on a 2013 X3 with a N55 motor,,,,,,no the oil isn’t coming from the axle seal,,,,it’s coming from above,


The is the right side of the lower oil pan and you can see all the oil spreading along the oil pan.


And here where it is all coming from,,,,the turbo is leaking oil,,,,the oil is coming out between the intake charge side and the exhaust side,,,,right where the two side get bolted and clamped together,,,,,the is a seal between the two chambers and a oil journel to lubricant the bearings for the turbo,,,,BMW what’s me to replace the turbo,,,,the problem is they are back ordered in Germany,,,,,no due date on when they will be released,,,,,so I guess they are having problems with the turbos.


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4 Responses to N55 turbo leaking oil

  1. Augie says:

    Hmmm….so I guess it’s not worth servicing the turbo? Or is this just not done?


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