B58 T-Stat faulty


Here pic of the new B58 engine in a X1,,,,the motor sits side way because it is a front wheel drive car,,,,with a 4 wheel option like this X1 has.,,,,the check engine light came on.


Here a pic of the t-stat ,,,,the black part is the t-stat,,,,,but something is different here the t-stat comes with the water pump all complete,,,,,with this whole mounting bracket,,,,,you can not get the t-stat by its self.


The round pulley piece is the pulley for the water pump,,,this is very interesting set up,,,,it reminds me back in the day,,,,,I’m showing my age,,,,the VW rabbits and GTI and Jett’s,,,,all had a set up like this,,,,,it all came complete with the water pump housing and t-stat built in one unit.

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2 Responses to B58 T-Stat faulty

  1. oasis says:

    This engine is in the Mini gen 3. I was wondering if it has a timing chain or belt. Do you have a break down pics of this engine. First visit to your site, good work. By the way, I’m glad to find your site, will keep me busy for awhile. 🙂




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