N55 turbo oil leak,,,coolant pipe


N55 turbo oil leak,,,this is the same turbo from a previous post,,,,the oil was leaking between the intake and exhaust side of the turbo,,,,the turbo was on back order and finally came in.


A major problem happened while replacing the turbo,,,,this is a picture of the coolant return pipe,,,the pipe was so frozen in the turbo,,,,I couldn’t remove the pipe,,,,,as you can see I pried off the hold down for the pipe,,,,so I had to cut the pipe off so I could remove the turbo.


Here a picture of the turbo coolant feed pipe,,,,this one I was albe to remove,,,,,but you can see all the corrosion around the o-ring,,,,I recommend replacing both those coolant pipe while replacing the turbo.

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6 Responses to N55 turbo oil leak,,,coolant pipe

  1. Eric says:

    i have minor leak on a N20 x1 – seem to be the coolant pipe/line to the turbo. any tips on addressing this?


    • Yes have them check it,,,sometimes it’s just the o-rings on the coolant hose that go bad and not the hose,,,,both the in and out turbo coolant hose sit right next to each other.


    • If it is the coolant pipe then the turbo has to be removed which alone will cost about 6hr labor,,,,if you do have the repairs done have them do both coolant hoses for the turbo


  2. Cristian says:

    I also have a leak on an 328i gt (2014)like i see in theese photos.what parts i must replace?the turbo can be damaged?tnx


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