Diesel intake manifold 2 ports


Here a picture of the crazy intake system of a BMW Diesel engine,,,,notice there are 2 intake ports on the cylinder head,,,,,yes I said 2 ports for each cylinder


Here’s a closer look,,,,you can see one port on top and one below.,,,,one port is round and the other one is more rectangle shape.


This picture is the underneath of the intake manifold,,,notice that rod going across to each port,,,that rod opens up the intake port for more air when needed.


Here is a close up,,,you can see the rod at the intake ports,,,,and they go up to that arm on the left side of the picture,,,,that unit will open or close the intake ports when it gets a signal during turbo boost to open up the intake ports for more air.this is one crazy idea that works,,,,and we have not seen any problems with this set up.

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4 Responses to Diesel intake manifold 2 ports

  1. ninja_zx11 says:

    Ports look quite clean.How many miles on the engine?Is it X5 or 35d?Assuming intake manifold is out for glow plug work.Thanks for sharing!!


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