Z4 cracked rim


I hate to say this,,,,,but I love stupid people sometime,,,,,or maybe they think I’m stupid,,,,I don’t know,,,,lol,,,,,but here a picture of the left front rim,,,,and if you look the rim is cracked almost all the way around,,,,the customer said the car has a funny noise from the left front wheel and the flat tire light is on,,,,I told him the rim is cracked,,,and asked him what he hit or what he ran over,,,he said he didn’t run over anything,,,then why is the the rim also bent in one area ,,,,he still stood strong and denied that he ran over anything,,,,oh well I guess I’m the stupid one this time.


Sometimes it makes my job easier if the customer just comes clean and tells us what happened,,,,then I can recommend what would be the best repairs at that time,,,,just makes it harder when we have to guess what happened.

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