Seat module E93 damaged


Picture of passengers seat module,,,,,the problem is that it’s damaged,,,,customer said passengers seat is inop,,,,will outmoded in any direction ,,,checked faults found passengers seat switch short circuit.


I didn’t noticed the damage until i slid out the seat module,,,,when I slid it out I noticed the damage,,,,the damage was from the plastic water bottle I found under the seat,,,,someone moved the seat and jammed a plastic water bottle into module,,,,causing all that’d amaretto these at module,,,,customer error ,,,,I’m amazed by how must a plastic water can do.


The problem is I couldn’t move the seat,,,,and it hard to see what’s going on under the seat,,,I checked the seat switches were ok.

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2 Responses to Seat module E93 damaged

  1. bogdan says:

    i know this is not for this topic but do you know how to remove a seat trim and switch from a BMW F10 ?Thank you in advance.


    • Yes you have to remove the whole side cover and the seat switch stays screwed on the seat,,,,this is hard to explain without showing you how it releases,,,,,the rear of the cover at the back of the seat you just pull and that will release,,,,the side seat cover has tabs that have to be released in the front of the cover which is the hard part,,,,,you have to get your finger between the seat and the side cover and look between the two with a flashlight and look for the release tabs,,,,the tabs have to be pushed down,,,once you get one released then you can see the others that need to bet released.,,,lol,,,,,,I hope your not more confused


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