428 N20 no muffler


Sometime we see some strange stuff,,,,like this steel rod that went through the rear tire on a 428,,,,poor guy just bought the car,,,,now he will learn how much a run flat tire will cost..


Then on the same car,,,he decided to remove the rear mufflers,,,look at all the space and room once you remove the rear muffler,,,,the sad thing is ,,,,,,this is a new car,,,,and he had some cheap muffler guy weld in the pipes,,,,I hate to see this happen,,,,specially when it is done cheaply.


Here you can see how cheaply this was done,,,,you should have heard this car,,,,the exhaust sound was horrible ,,,,sounded like a cheap Honda ,,,,it also made the interior rattle in the back,,,,it was very annoying while driving down the street.

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2 Responses to 428 N20 no muffler

  1. Iggy brevet says:

    My friend, ( reading you this far …i should call you a friend by now). This post makes a very important and a MUST to think about. BEFORE you take action of doing this kinda transformation due to improve performance or styling with noises .etc… you have to BE AWARE you will loose your regular and extended BMW warranty on new cars! and also those under consideration for “good will programs” IF in the event on any dramatic mechanical &/or electronic nightmare shows up whatsoever.
    Also must say that the way to do this is pretty much like BMW does in some X6 euro and also X5 euro, that they extend a tube from the rear muffler, that personally i think its a cheap solution for “visual” and some noise improvement, BUT Faster? Never.
    2hp or even 5hp arent noticeble at all.
    nice job you do.
    Kindly thanks
    Ignacio (iggy) Brevet
    Chile . Bmw lover.

    Psd: take out of ur car any tools or any stuff and u get instantly 2hp!! 😉


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