Oil pan heli coil failure


Factory repairs gone bad,,,,here’s a picture of a X5 E70 with a N55 engine,,,performed a oil service ,,,,while removing the drain plug all the threads in the oil pan were stripped out,,,,so BMW came out with a factory heli coil repair kit for this problem,,,,so I performed the factory repairs like all the 100’s before over my career,,,,will I guess it would happen sometimes,,,,the drain plug was leaking oil after the repair,,,,and as you can see the heli coil was pulling out of the oil pan.


So the bottom line,,,is good news for the customer,,,,and bad news for me,,,,customer gets a new oil pan,,,,and I have to replace it,,,,not a fun job,,,,the life of a BMW technician.


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5 Responses to Oil pan heli coil failure

  1. Dura says:

    What needs to be removed to get to the point of removing the oil pan?


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