Fuel injector tool


Here’s a picture of a special injector tool on a N63TU engine,,,,you need this special tool to remove and to install injectors or you could crack the injector,,,,and they could leak fuel.


This tool is very pain in the ass to use,,,but it is worth it,,,,these are the newer injector which we cal pencil injectors,,,,because they look like a pencil.


Here you can see the injector mounted on to both fuel injectors,,,,these same injector are on all the newer engines,,,I believe starting in 2013,,, ok you didn’t here it from me,,,,but on the 4 cylinder N20 and N20,,,, you can remove and install the injector without this tool,,,if you are luck,,,,I have done it several time,,,,there is more room on those engine to remove them.

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7 Responses to Fuel injector tool

  1. a.a. says:

    Is this tool also needed on the 2009 n63s?
    Thanks for the pic


    • No this tool is not for the N63,,,BMW makes a tool for everything,,,for the N63 injectors there is a different tool,,,the injectors on a N63 are a lot stronger and you an use a heel toe pry bar to remove those injectors,,,you have to use the heel toe pry bar at the base of the injector and slowly pry the injector loose,,,when you install the new injector,,,make sure you clean out the injector bore hole,,,,and the new injector just pushes right in,,,,,don’t put any lube on the injector.


    • No this tool is not for the N63,,,,BMW makes a tool for everything,,,,,as BMW techs we joke about that.,,,I’ll post a picture of what we use,,,,this is not a factory tool,,,this is a general tool to remove the injectors


    • RENE says:

      can i use this tool to pull N55 INJECTORS?


  2. Carl allen says:

    N20 engine 2012 328i, cylinder 1 misfire,combustion duration to short.swopped coils,swopped plugs,swopped injectors still misfire cylinder 1,compression tested cyl.1 and 2 psi both at 210, also cyl-scope on cyl 1 and 2 shows spark and injector trace but engine will only run on cylinder 2,3 and 4, we’re doing I look next.


    • It’s a good possibility that the DME is bad or the harness is bad,,,,what I need you to do is get a old spark plug if you can or pull one of the ones out of the engine,,,,then remove Cylinder 1 ignition coil and put the spark plug into the ignition coil that you pulled out,,,,now if you can get some wire and ground out the spark plug to something metal,,,,now you should have cylinder 1 ignition coil removed with a spark plug installed to the coil and the spark plug grounded out,,,,now start the car and check and see if that spark plug will fire,,,if it does then the DME and harness is good,,,,if it doesn’t spark then you either have a DME or harness issue,,,to check to see if this test work you can test out cylinder 2 the same way and see if that cylinder sparks,,,this is a sure way to see if you are getting spark to that cylinder,,,,I hope this make sense.


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