N63 index #12 injectors leaking


Ok here it goes guys,,,,I guess I lied to some of you,,,,,the other day some of you saw and asked if I have seen the N63 index #12 injectors go bad,,,,and I said no I haven’t seen them go bad,,,,,,well guess what happened today at work,,,,lol,,,,,I had a 2010 750 N63 come in which the check engine light on,,,,the car has 58k miles on it,,,,,the car package was done in dec 2015,,,, and I found 3 injectors ad,,,,,I found 3 spark plugs fuel soaked,,,,,so I guess i have to correct myself and say,,,,,yes I have seen the newest injectors go bad,,,,thank goodness they are still cover under the emissions warranty 7/70


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5 Responses to N63 index #12 injectors leaking

  1. Pawel says:

    Is #12 still the latest index? I’m about to have all 8 replaced in my car as a part of the CCP (for some odd reason it’s very unpopular in Europe) and this looks kinda scary.


  2. Pawel says:

    When was the first time you saw #12 injectors being available? I’m trying to find out when did BMW release them. I’m trying to find some information regarding history of my friend’s car. In one bank there are 3x #12 and 1x #11. We are trying to find out when did the previous owner of his 7er replace the injectors (for cars sold on the European market, BMW doesn’t cover the costs of CCP if you are out of warranty, so he had to do it by himself – that’s probably why he did it in only one bank – in the other one there are 4x #9 and will be replaced asap).
    Thank you!


    • I don’t remember the first time I saw #12 index injectors,,,,that sucks that who ever it was didn’t replace all the injector to index #12 all at the same time,,,BMW knew there was a problem with the lower index injectors,,,can you get me the last 7 digits of the VIN numbers,,,,,maybe I can run a DCS report on the car for you


  3. Eddy says:

    what codes did it throw?


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