4series coupe grabber handle


We still have problems with these after so Amy years,,,,these are pictures of seatbelt grabber handles,,,they are on the new 4 series coupe,,,what happens when the arm comes out it won’t grab the seatbelt and bring it forward so you can grab ahold of it,,,,instead the grabber arm gets weak and folds over and won’t grab the seatbelt,,,,we had the same problem with the 3series coupe,,,now BMW has updated the grab hand.


As you can see there are to springs inside the grab handle,,,they have now made a stonger spring to grab the seatbelt,,,these are very easy to replace,,,,and should still be covered under your new car warranty.

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3 Responses to 4series coupe grabber handle

  1. Toby Whittaker Smith says:

    hi mate. my f32 butler assist has a delay to it now… instead of taking 5 seconds, it seems to take over 30 seconds before it comes out…


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