Fuel pump recall and fuel pump tool


Here a picture of a low pressure fuel pump,,,this is a recall fuel pump,,,there was a problem internally with the original fuel pump.


Here is the picture under the rear car seat,,,,there is just the one fuel line,,,,and one electrical plug connector,,,,notice the big metal locking ring,,,that locks in the fuel pump.


The fuel pump comes complete,,,,even with the fuel level sender.


Ok I know how you guys like BMW tools,,,,here the special fuel pump removal tool,,,,,this big spanner tool lock onto that big locking ring,,,,and you will need a breaker bar to loosen and tighten the fuel pump locking ring.

    imageHere you can see the four locking pins on the tool,,,that locks onto the locking ring,,,,,,ok you didn’t here it from me OK,,,,,lol,,,,but you don’t need this tool,,,,you can use a hammer and big screw driver and hit the locking ring.,,,,when doing this you have to be very very careful not to puncture the plastic fuel tank,,,,it has been done,,,I have seen a tech do it,,,,,just made for a really long day.
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5 Responses to Fuel pump recall and fuel pump tool

  1. Oasis says:

    Good to know.




  2. Sam says:

    I replaced my fuel pump under the recall ( I mean dealer replaced it).

    Does the fuel filter also get changed during this recall?
    X5 3.0i e70


  3. concerned says:

    Hi Andraes, is this fuel pump also used in F30 and other F series? In old school E46/E39, there is a fuel suction pump that transfers fuel from non-pump side to the side with fuel pump, where is such a pump in F30 fuel tank? Is it built into the gas tank itself in F30?


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