X5 door won’t open


Sure this has happened to a lot of you if you have owned a BMW for a long time,,,,when one of you doors doesn’t open up,,,,well here’s a picture of a door carrier,,,,they are just about all the same through out the years,,,,this on comes off a X5 2002,,,,,,this one was the left rear door,,,,this one was lucky,,,,I was able to remove the door panel with the door closed.


I was able to remove the rear seat the butt part,,,,and slowly remove the door panel,,,,the I could get ahold of the door lock and open the door,,,,once I took all the door lock mechanical pieces apart,,,,I found the door handle carrier was broken.


Here you can really see where it was broken,,,sometimes we also see the door lock actuator jammed,,,,then you have to break it apart until you can open the door,,,,I have seen this several times though the years,,,,we are also going to replace the door lock actuator since it still was original one in the car,,,,,.we don’t need this to happen again

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