HU-H navigation blanking out


Picture of a HU-H in a 2015 750,,,,,customer complaint was the navigation system would blank out,,,,I checked the software level was up to date.


So BMW want me to replace the HU-H,,,,here is the backside of the unit with all the electrical connector,,,,,notice the red blanket I put down,,,,just trying to be safe and not scratch the interior of the car,,,,,after replacing the the HU-H,,,I had to program the car and also down load the navigation software,,,,just down loading the navigation took 3 hours,,,,programming the car took 2 hours


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8 Responses to HU-H navigation blanking out

  1. Oasis says:

    How does the new unit work?



    • The new unit work a lot better,,,,BMW has always had a problem with the head units,,,,the head unit do so much and so much information goes through them,,,,they just fail,,,or blank out sometimes,,,,,due to overheating.,,,,,sometimes it’s a software issue,,,,,but not on this one,,,,the vehicle already had the latest software update,,,,so BMW had me replace the HU-H head unit .


  2. James in Germany says:

    I had to take my CIC unit apart last Sunday. Wife was complaining that cd and dvds would no longer work. I-Drive display would always read Checking…. and would then read “unreadable format”. Separated the dvd/cd drive from the head unit, took apart (pain in the….), cleaned the laser surface and lightly lubed the transport rails. Slapped all back together (even more of a pain in the….) and to my surprise it worked again like a champ.

    I tried to source the dvd drive only online, but could not find one for a 2011 E70 X5. I’m assuming I can only get it by the dealer or I have to buy a complete head unit if the drive fails completely?

    Always something with this car!


  3. Jon says:

    I tried updating my 2013 535i software level using the latest ISTA via ethernet, hooked up the battery charger, however I forgot to power on the damn charger. After running the update and voltage may have dropped to risky level, I got the blue screen on display, and ISTA would not continue updating. I’ve disconnected the battery for 30 mins and tried again, still same results. What can I or should I do at this point? TIA


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