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N20 rod bearing

 Ok here this is that N20 with the engine rattle,,,BMW wanted me to check out the engine to find the problem,,,,so they had me remove the valve cover and check the upper end for any abnormal wear or damage,,,,,then the … Continue reading

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N20 engine rattle

Here a slight audio video of the rattle noise,,,,you might hear it at the end of the audio video  Here’s a picture of inside the oil cap,,,,as you might be able to see is some metal flakes inside the oil,,,,,customer … Continue reading

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N63 lean mixture

Here’s a picture of good old smokey,,,,I have a   N63TU 2014 650 with the check engine light on,,,,,check faults memory,,,,,found 2 faults  both on bank 2,,,,,lean mixture bank 2,,,,,and O2 sensor after catalytic converter lean mixture slow to respond … Continue reading

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F30 gear shifter light

Ok I know a very exciting picture,,,,,but this was something new,,,,F30 328 customer said the gearshift indicator light goes out once in awhile,,,,well I checked the operations functions,,,,and noticed when I started up the car the light was on in … Continue reading

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Stupid customer brakes

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N63 vacuum pump

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E90 radio buzzing

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