Trim pieces peeling


Here your typical peeling of interior trim pieces,,,,,we were a nice dealer this time and replaced the trim pieces for the customer. ,,I wish I knew how they start peeling,,,,maybe the oils or lotion on the customers hands might do it,,,,I don’t know but this would bother me also if it was my car.


The center vent of all things peeling,,,,it was just the drivers vent only that was peeling,,,,has to be some kind of lotion on the hands.

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6 Responses to Trim pieces peeling

  1. kr4va says:

    say its not so!!!


  2. Oasis says:

    Time for a new supplier.


  3. Sean Sweeney says:

    My recently purchased 2013 335i has the peeling driver vent foil as well! Not likely to have luck with the dealer for this since it’s a CPO w/ 22k miles. Any advice on how to replace the center and driver vents and/or what parts to order for a sportline?




    • Yes replacing the center vent is easy,,,,that whole piece that goes across the dash,,,,just pops off,,,,you have to pry from bottom,,,,,or sometimes you can just grab the trim just above the center vents and pull and it will start to pull off slowly,,,,pull the trim piece off evenly across the whole dash so you don’t crack the wood trim,,,and the center vents screw off the center trim piece


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