N63 intake vanos solenoid


Ok here a picture of a 2013 550 with a N63,,,,with the drivers side inner cooler removed,,,customer said the engine was running rough intermittently and the check engine light came on,,,,I checked for fault,,,,found intake vanos solenoid on bank 2 faulty,,,,,I performed a vanos test,,,,which checks if all the vanos units are moving and not locking up,,,,the vanos units passed


So here is a picture of both of the vanos solenoid son bank 2,,,,,the drivers side,,,,the solenoid on top is the intake one.


Ok here is the old and new vanos solenoids,,,,as you can see they have updated the new one,,,,they now have more screen filters over the solenoid valve,,,,that’s probably so no dirt gets in to them.,,,,this job really isn’t that hard,,,,just need to be patient and have the right tools,,,,,some of the mounting hardware is hard to see.

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4 Responses to N63 intake vanos solenoid

  1. oasis says:

    All good to know.



  2. ninja_zx11 says:

    Sorry couldn’t find any other place to post.I need little help.Harmonic balancer on my 2006 E60 with N52 is wobbling close to 1.5mm but ISTA says max limit is .4mm.So i am going to replace it.Are there any special tools required to lock the crankshaft while removing 6 bolts?Can crankshaft be rotated backwards without any risk?Thanks


    • Hi,,,,,no you don’t have to pin the motor while removing the front pulley ,,,,I believe there are 8 torque bolt holding it in,,,,the hardest part is aligning the dowel pin up with the new pulley,,,,,just align the pulley and start all 8 bolts by hand,,,,if you have a small mirror to check with dowel alignment would be helpful,,,,,good luck


  3. ninja_zx11 says:

    Thanks a lot!!


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