F10 528 lowered with coil overs


F10 528 with a N20 engine slightly lowered,,,,,I know kind of strange,,,,,,but it didn’t look that bad,,,,,and some people didn’t notice it.



Ok I know you don’t see this to often,,,,coil overs on a F10,,,,, these coil overs were by KW suspension ,,,,the car did not have any aftermarket sway-bars.,,,,,just the coil overs,,,,,I took it on a test drive,,,,,and I have to say it felt good,,,,,it handled better then the factory BMW suspension,,,,the car was not to low that I had to worry about scraping or hitting anything ,,,,,the car sat and drove real nice,,,,you did noticed it was stiffer then stock,,,,but it wasn’t bouncy and it didn’t rattle my teeth,,,,,in the turns it held it lines through the turns,,,,,I was impressed with the handling,,,,but it still doesn’t compare to bilstein shock,,,,I’m sorry ,,,,,, I’m just a old school tech who likes the German ride and feel from the bilstein shocks

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