N20 vacuum pump ,,,,,pumping oil


Ok so this was interesting,,,,I was performing a service on a N20 engine,,,,I had to replace the spark plugs,,,,,so I remove the plastic engine cover and disconnect the 2 vacuum lines that are connected to it,,,,,,,and I put it on my work bench,,,,,a couple minutes later I look back at it and a lot of oil is dripping out of the vacuum pod that is under the engine cover,,,,,,,so I check vacuum lines,,,,the main one comes straight from the vacuum pump,,,,and the other goes to the elect romantic turbo. valve.


Here are a couple pictures of the new vacuum pump,,,,,so the small black nipple fitting is for the vacuum line that goes to the vacuum pod under the engine cover,,,,the bigger one with the yellow cap is for the brake booster vacuum line,,,,,I also check that line but no oil was in it,,,,,I cleaned out the vacuum lines and replaced the vacuum pump,,,,,for some strange reason,,,,BMW has to give me permission to replace this part,,,,,,and they don’t carry to many of them.


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5 Responses to N20 vacuum pump ,,,,,pumping oil

  1. oasis says:

    How where the plugs? What would have happened if you did not replace the vacuum pump?



    • The spark plugs were ok,,,,,,I think if you didn’t replace the vacuum pump,,,I think it would just keep pumping oil through the vacuum lines and go to the vacuum waste gate ,,,,and probably start leaking out the vacuum lines on to the engine,,,,,it would just be a matter of time.


      • Edward Kim says:

        Did you have to dismount the engine for vacuum pump job?


      • No you don’t have to dismount the engine for the vacuum pump,,,you just work by feel for the bolts on the vacuum pump,,,,it’s a tight fit and you will scrap up your arm against the firewall


  2. Edward Kim says:

    thanks for the reply


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