2012 328 xenon headlight


Ok here’s a picture of a 2012 328 with xenon headlight,,,,the customer said the driver side headlight was yellow in color,,,,but what she was talking about is that the inner halo ring on the driver side headlight was yellow in color ,,,,,there were no headlight faults,,,,so what I did,,,,the led halo modules are the same for both halo rings,,,,so I switched them to see if that was the problem,,,,,but it wasn’t ,,,,,,I also switched over and plugged in complete headlights to make sure I don’t have a wiring problem from the FRM module,,,,,,in the picture you see the LED module lifted up with a orange seal on it,,,,my hats where the problem wa


See that burnt blob,,,,,that is where the LED shines it light through,,,,that’s is part of the halo ring,,,,it should be a clear plastic.


This is what it should look like,,,,,see how it is clear in color and smooth so the LED light can shine brightly

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2 Responses to 2012 328 xenon headlight

  1. a.a. says:

    and how did this happen, do you think? Will it likely recur?


    • I don’t think it will come back,,,,it looks like someone was already inside the headlight,,,,because I noticed the front bumper was painted and the left headlight was bran new,,,,and you can tell someone had already unscrewed all the modules and led module,,,,,maybe the body shop did something to the headlight that we just don’t know about.,,,,thanks for reading my blog


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