E90 radio buzzing


Nothing to exciting here,,,,E90 radio replacement,,,,customer complaining about a buzzing noise coming from the speaker with radio off and even with the car off,,,,we have found a problem internally inside some of the E90 BMW professional radio.


These are pretty easy to replace ,,,,just remove the IHKAunit first and the remove the 2 screws holding in the radio ,,,you still have to encode the radio to the vehicle.

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2 Responses to E90 radio buzzing

  1. a.a. says:

    Wow. Well done. I bet the customer will be happy.
    Tell me, i’m trying to get to the amp in my f01…I can get the trunk panels out exposing the battery etc. how do I get the side panels off lol? I pull on the chrome tabs but something I do not see is holding them on good and tight. Help?


    • Thanks,,,,under the chrome hook,,,,there is a plastic cover,,,,you will need like a small pocket screw driver and pry and lift it out and there should be a torque head bolt there,,,,,hope this helps


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