Stupid customer brakes


Ok some of you know I love stupid customer,,,,this is up there as a stupid customer,,,,,what did you notice about this picture,,,,you notice the brakes are metal on metal,,,,,but look closely .


Customer complained the brakes are grinding at 15-25 mph,,,,,noticed the left front brakes are metal on metal,,,,but for some reason the outer brake pad has flipped around,,,,someone but the outer brake pad in backwards so that the back of the brake pad is hitting the rotor,,,,,I guess the customer went to the race track and had race pads in car,,,,,so he switched the brake pads back after the track,,,,,and he put this brake pad in backwards,,,,,,he tried to play stupid about the brake pad being in backwards.

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4 Responses to Stupid customer brakes

  1. oasis says:

    Celebrating after a race and than putting brake pads back on can do this too. LoL!


  2. kr4va says:

    can’t fix stupid and its ever increasing! quick oil change guy told me he see vehicles come in several years old without an oil change ever.


    • We also see that a lot and the car is covered under maintenance ,,,,,sometime we see a car gets its first oil change at 30k miles,,,,,when they do that we flag the vin number with BMW ,,,,,so if any internal or mechanical problems happen it won’t be covered,,,,because the customer didn’t perform the proper services

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